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BrianSez's Review

Created Apr 26, 2009 09:09PM PST • Edited Apr 26, 2009 09:09PM PST

  1. Quality
  2. Very Good 3.5

    Small town love and drama extraordinaire. Think of this film as a soap opera, but without the cheesyness and a healthy dose of reality. Multiple stories intertwine, move at a good pace, and have intriguing tales to tell. All in all, very enjoyable. And if you are a love story fan, well, you’ll love this movie.

  3. Good 3.0

    Morgan Freeman does his tried-and-true shtick as the wise old man that “gets” everything perfectly. Greg Kinnear is another main character as the well meaning average guy who seems helpless to his wife’s (Selma Blair) antics, but end up with an equally wild ride in Radha Mitchell. All the other supporting cast were very good in their roles.

  4. Male Stars Good 3.0
  5. Female Stars Good 3.0
  6. Female Costars Good 3.0
  7. Male Costars Good 3.0
  8. Very Good 3.5

    Set in an idylic small town in Oregon the film provides a welcome respite from city-bound typical romantic dramas. Dialog and back-story plausible enough to keep you from losing interest and a few heart-touching moments thay may inspire lumps-in-throats from some.

  9. Direction Very Good 3.5
  10. Play Very Good 3.5
  11. Music Very Good 3.5
  12. Visuals Very Good 3.5
  13. Content
  14. Sordid 2.6

    Plenty of full frontal shots… which was a bit surprising given the feeling of this movie.

  15. Sex Erotic 2.6
  16. Violence Brutal 2.6
  17. Rudeness Profane 2.6
  18. Glib 1.3
  19. Circumstantial Glib 1.3
  20. Biological Glib 1.3
  21. Physical Glib 1.3


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