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BigdaddyDave's Review

Created Dec 19, 2011 06:27PM PST • Edited Dec 19, 2011 06:27PM PST

  1. Quality
  2. Very Good 3.5

    A sequel that seems remarkably similar to the original, The Hangover Part II still provided plenty of humor and entertainment. Set in Thailand, and utilizing the culture differences between the main cast and the locals, the film was funny, shocking, and even gross at times.

    Fans of the first film will find plot lines that are rehashed. But the new content still manages to make you laugh, even though you know what is going to happen. Nice additions to this film include a monkey, whose uncanny human-like behavior and remarkable entertainment talents bring a fresh twist to the story. The main characters remain true to the first film, although I found Alan (Zach Galifianakis) to be more intolerable. You would think that having survived the antics of the first episode, the others would keep a wary distance.

    There is plenty of sophomoric, and even disgusting humor at times. No doubt, the film makers realize that shock value can be entertaining. However, it’s a fine line between humor, and just plain shock. Hopefully they either create new plot twists before choosing to make another episode. For while this was entertaining, it is becoming well-worn.

    Good film that made me laugh.

  3. OK 2.5
  4. Male Stars Good 3.0

    The main stars gave a decent performance:

    Galifianakis played Alan, and although he was a bit more over-the-top, his comedic talents still shine.

    Bradley Cooper played the slick friend who seems to lead the pack. Solid job.

    Ed Helms plays Stu, and shows the most versatility of the bunch, capturing the innocent dorkiness of his character well.

    Justin Bartha plays Doug, and seems to get lost in this film.

  5. Female Stars OK 2.5
  6. Female Costars OK 2.5
  7. Male Costars Good 3.0

    Ken Jeong lets it all hang out. Literally. He too seems to be much more over-the-top in this film. Funny? Yes, but I’m not sure how much more I could take. A little Jeong goes a long way. No pun intended.

  8. OK 2.5
  9. Direction OK 2.5

    Ok Direction, but we really need the next one to be different.

  10. Play OK 2.5
  11. Music Good 3.0

    Mike Tyson’s cameo was great.

  12. Visuals Good 3.0

    They get the most out of the exotic location.

  13. Content
  14. Horrid 3.7
  15. Sex Lewd 4.5

    Lots and lots of nudity and sexual humor.

  16. Violence Brutal 2.6

    Severed digits, shootings, mob action

  17. Rudeness Nasty 4.1

    Please don’t not take a child to see this.

  18. Glib 1.8
  19. Circumstantial Surreal 2.7
  20. Biological Glib 1.8
  21. Physical Natural 1.0


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Jun 4, 2011 1:11PM

Regarding BrianSez’s Review
“It will be a long uphill climb to make money from a Hangover III.” Truth.