Wick's 21st Century Star Trek (3)

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Created Aug 07, 2014 11:38PM PST • Updated Jun 21, 2019 03:25PM PST

J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek reboot has been a rousing success.
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1st Star Trek Beyond
2016 Perfect 83 Points
Bestest. Star Trek. Ever.

Star Trek Beyond never loses touch with all that made Star Trek great from its earliest incarnation, yet uses 2016 movie magic to create an Enterprise and assorted 23rd century tech-gear better than ever before.

Plus it plays the iconic opening notes of the all-time-great "Theme from Star Trek":https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Theme_from_Star_Trek early on, and then the full theme late in this absolutely stellar episode. After declaring "Star Trek Into Darkness":http://www.viewguide.com/movie_reviews/3797-star-trek-into-darkness the best Star Trek ever, I …

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Added Jul 24, 2016 01:15AM PST • Updated Jul 24, 2016 01:15AM PST
2nd Star Trek Into D...
2013 Really Great 83 Points
Best. Star Trek. Ever.

Some may grade it Perfect, understandably so. Me, I grade Star Trek Into Darkness a tick above its Great predecessor – Really Great and the best Star Trek ever.

If J.J. Abrams sees fit to include the perfect Star Trek theme music before the closing credits of his third iteration, he'll get a Perfect grade from me then. But that's about the only ding Abrams' second Star Trek deserves, not counting its cheerful cheesiness, without which it wouldn't be Star Trek.

It's got all the virtues of Abrams' "Star Trek reboot":http://www.viewguide.com/movie_review…

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Added Aug 07, 2014 11:38PM PST • Updated Jul 30, 2016 02:39AM PST
3rd Star Trek
2009 Great 131 Points
Big Fun

An old friend made new, J.J. Abrams' Star Trek deserves Gene Roddenberry's blessing from the deep space hereafter. Cultural fountainhead for four decades now, Roddenberry's creation bequeathed into the zeitgeist green-skinned alien hotties, "Phasers on stun," "Beam me up Scotty," "Live long and prosper," the enlightened military force of Starfleet and its legendary flagship the USS Enterprise. Most of these touchstones get fresh visits in the new movie.

More popcorn than pop culture, this new incarnation works for newbies and Trekkies alike. Credit this to Roddenberry…

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Added Aug 07, 2014 11:38PM PST • Updated Jul 30, 2016 02:39AM PST


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