Wick's Star Trek II, IV, VI Trio (3)

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Created Dec 06, 2013 11:19PM PST • Updated Feb 07, 2015 05:23PM PST

Star Trek II, IV and VI comprise Nicholas Meyer’s even-numbered trilogy from the original cast era. He cowrote this treasured trio and directed II & IV. Thus Meyer’s name will live long and prosper along with Roddenberry, Bennett and Abrams.


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1st Star Trek II: Th...
1982 Great 66 Points

Now this is a movie, boldly going where few TV sequels had gone before.

It's got a strong cast, really great visuals and really great movie music that caresses the iconic starship Enterprise without lingering too long, unlike the failed first Trek movie, which lingered way too long.

The Wrath of Khan is surely a great movie, for Trekkies anyway.

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan was the first of Nicholas Meyer's "II, IV, VI even-numbered trilogy":http://www.viewguide.com/vulists/780-star-trek-ii-iv-vi-trio. The three Star Treks he wrote – also directing two of them – were the …

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2nd Star Trek IV: Th...
1986 Great 66 Points

Like fine wine, Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home has gotten better with age. It was too cheesy when it came out, even for Star Trek, the ultimate in SciFi fondue. That was then, this is now.

It's set in the 23rd Century and now, when Now was 1986. I remember that '86 Now just as I remember not liking The Voyage Home as much as expected. That was then. Now I love it. 1986 is one hell of a flashback from 2013, time traveling 27 years you might say. As a nostalgic treat, it's better than when it came out.

How's this for a setting? Exiled on the planet Vulcan in a captured Klingon B…

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3rd Star Trek VI: Th...
1991 Good 66 Points

Star Trek VI concluded the original movie series in disappointing fashion. Last of Nicholas Meyer's II, IV, VI trio, last with the founding cast, ST VI is first in being ridiculous. That's saying something for Star Trek.

Fortunately, Shatner and Crew ensure it's not without its charms, and they're matched by a first-rate villain.

The great Christopher Plummer eats the scenery magnificently as Chang, the Klingon über-enemy. Meyer wisely gave him plenty of Shakespeare to munch. To wit, "Cry 'Havoc!', and let slip the dogs of war".

However, risible politics sabotage the movie. A…

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