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Perfect 15 Points 1986
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Perfect 11 Points 1989

One of the greatest comic book films of all time(its at least in the top 5). Told through a dark story and complex character development, visionary director Tim Burton excellently tells the story of the caped crusader. The film to me comes off as a character study of a man who is psychologically …

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Beverly Hills Cop
Perfect 1 Points 1984

Beverly Hills Cop is about a Cop who goes to Beverly Hills to capture his friend’s Killer. This is one of Eddie Murphy’s funniest role as Axel Foley who goes crazy in Beverly Hills. The action is also good as well as the jokes.

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Blade Runner
Perfect 2 Points 1982

A perfect film, every film student should watch.
Harrison Ford at his best, Rutger Hauer in the best role of his career , a performance that reminds me of James Dean, how often do you feel sad for the villain when he dies ?
Sean Young is Gorgeous, Daryl Hannah seductive and vicious every scene …

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Perfect 73 Points 1942

The best movie ever is still fresh, funny, romantic and captivating after all these decades. Try it as a date movie, perfect for him and for her. After all, “we’ll always have Paris.”

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Chitty Chitty B...
Perfect 5 Points 1968

Dick Van Dyke at his best! Though my favorite of his is still Mary Poppins, I really love this movie. Its about a inventor with two young children and he has not yet made a invention that would sell. He has a great imagination. He buys Chitty (a car) for his children, then mets Truly Scrumptious…

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A Clockwork Orange
Perfect 16 Points 1971

Though I respect Stanley Kubrick as a director, I understand that his movies….well….aren’t for eveyone. They’re definitely higher in the artistic department than with writing. Some might not like The Shining and some might not like 2001. Well, though I like The Shining and I respect *20…

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  • MJ5K – I know wat ya mean, Wick. Kubrick's a genious. No qu...
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Perfect 1 Points 1978
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Days of Thunder
Perfect 1 Points 1990
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Death Race 2000
Perfect 8 Points 1975

this movie is about a few drivers going around the country racing for the finish and killing off a bunch of pedestrians for points… this is pretty funny with the ovie set in the year 2000 during the 70’s. If the cameras weren’t a give-away the clothes sure were…but other than that the movie w…

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