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Slumdog Million...
Perfect 72 Points 2008

Slumdog Millionaire couldn’t be more of the moment if it was named President-elect Barack Obama: a Mumbai movie that delivers world class entertainment about a Muslim media sensation. The three kids at its center aren’t religious or radical, though their profound victimization makes it easy to…

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In Order of Dis...
Perfect 66 Points 2014

Most everyone gets murdered in this crackerjack Scandinavian noir, making In Order of Disappearance – a long yet telling title for the most assured film of the year – serious as a headshot, yet often funny as hell.

The dominos start falling after an innocent guy gets mistakenly knocked-off b…

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WikChip Video A common man takes down the mob.
Thor: Love and ...
Perfect 66 Points 2022

Taika Waititi & Chris Hemsworth have done it again, fused comedy with superhunkiness to create another perfect Marvel movie. Thor: Love and Thunder is all that, as was its immediate predecessor – Ragnarok.

Waititi is a genius write…

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WikChip Image Best. Female Superhero. Ever.
The Avengers
Really Great 83 Points 2012

The Avengers do more than avenge. They dominate – the box office and Disney’s financial performance.

More personally, they fulfill the hopes of fanboys everywhere, including older generations who don’t even know they are fanboys. Ever love a Marvel comic? Prepare to be fulfilled, fanboy….

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WikChip Image Super irony in a superpowered suit
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Dangerous Liaisons
Really Great 67 Points 1988

Five big-names starring in “the best period film”1 make Steven Frears’ Dangerous Liaisons really great. Frears, he of The Queen, employs Michelle Pfeiffer, Glen Close, a nubile Uma Thurmond and a horny John Malkovich in bringing Christopher Hampton’s …

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WikChip Image They are impressive. The cast, that is.
Shakespeare in ...
Really Great 66 Points 1998

Delicious fun this Elizabethan confection, a Shakespearean extravaganza just this side of full Disnefication.

Superior cast, especially Joseph Fiennes & Gwyneth Paltrow as Romeo & Juliet, er, Will & Viola.
Which Will? Will Shakespeare, sometime actor, full-time rake and pageman for hire.

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WikChip Image The Bard – As You Like It, er, Him
Django Unchained
Really Great 95 Points 2012

Django Unchained is an absurdly good movie that goes where few filmmakers dare tread, and succeeds so completely that only Tarantino could pull it off. What he’s pulled off is a Tarantinic take on the first of the two racial decimations to occur in the heart of Western Civilization, three year…

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WikChip Image Give this man an Oscar. Seriously.
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Inglorious Bast...
Really Great 131 Points 2009

Tremendously entertaining and TFB1, this über-ironic masterpiece proves that Tarantino remains a supremely accomplished auteur and that Brad Pitt has reached a superstar plateau occupied by few others. LOL funny, hugely charismatic and deeply thought provoking, Inglorious Basterds enters the…

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WikChip Image A new international star Waltzes in.
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Really Great 86 Points 2013

Joe Morgenstern declared Mud an instant classic in the Wall Street Journal. Not sure why, but hell yes.

You almost want to ding Mud for being such a classically terrific movie, but damn if it doesn’t play out as monumentally cinematic yet nearly natural. Kind of a crime caper involving b…

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WikChip Image Leading men, now & then: Matthew & Tye
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Star Trek Into ...
Really Great 83 Points 2013
Best. Star Trek. Ever.

Some may grade it Perfect, understandably so. Me, I grade Star Trek Into Darkness a tick above its Great predecessor – Really Great and the best Star Trek ever.

If J.J. Abrams sees fit to include the perfect Star Trek theme music before the closing credits of h…

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WikChip Image Spock in the volcano
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