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Perfect 34 Points 1995

I’m a massive Michael Mann fan and this is my favourite of his films. The acting and characters are fantastic, it looks amazing, the script is amazing. And the bank robbery is quite possibly the best shoot out ever.

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Out of Sight
Really Great 66 Points 1998
Out of Sight and into the pantheon of crime-comedies – start with Stephen Soderburgh directing George Clooney in an Elmore Leonard story. Speaking of gorgeous, J-Lo gets into the trunk with G-Cloo.

Other positives: Bright bluesy opening; Danny DeVito’s Jersey Films producing; Clooney, youn…

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The Place Beyon...
Great 86 Points 2013

Two great movies, one bad title, The Place Beyond the Pines could lose 20 ticks and still be twice typical Hollywood fare. Ryan Gosling & Bradley Cooper play two guys on opposite sides of the law, whose paths cross to lethal effect.

Both are conflicted and sympathetic. Neither is untarnishe…

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Baby Driver
Great 83 Points 2017

Choreography comes to car chases in Baby Driver. British director Edgar Wright’s benchmark blockbuster presents like Tarantino set to music. Nowhere to Run, Radar Love and Never, Never Gonna Give Ya Up lead the 60s & 70s chestnuts that impart old-school cool into this new-school movie. Star…

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Good Time
Great 66 Points 2017

Good Time is a helluva good time movie, if your taste in movie entertainment includes sickly funny slices of life from the underbelly of society. Mine does, for better or worse, so this demented masterpiece struck me and most of my entire theater as OMG and increasingly LOL pretty much all the …

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The Old Man & t...
Great 66 Points 2018

Wonderfully droll and resolutely deadpan, The Old Man & the Gun strikes gold portraying a congenital thief through his long misspent life. Charming from the jump, the Old Man is played by Robert Redford, Mr. Maximum Moviestar at his octogenarian best, still charming and virile after six decades…

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The Newton Boys
Very Good 83 Points 1998

Unlike Bonnie and Clyde, the Newton Boys were successful bank robbers, so it’s an injustice that they’re not as famous – nor their biopic as celebrated – as that of those other early 20th century Texas outlaws. Especially because The Newton Boys is a slick, rollicking and interesting movie, on…

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Bonnie and Clyde
Very Good 66 Points 1967

Legendary movie about legendary bank robbers fails to live up to its legend. Over-the-top performances and violence that is far from the current cutting-edge make Bonnie and Clyde somewhat of a museum piece. That said, with star power and style points to spare, the movie is worth watching for…

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Hell or High Water
Very Good 83 Points 2016

Hell or High Water arrived with high expectations, which it didn’t meet. So this Rangers and robbers story set in today’s Texas gets scored a bit lower than it otherwise might have. That said, Jeff Bridges and Chris Pine are great moviestars. Figure in a fitfully interesting story, and the movi…

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WikChip Image Jeff Bridges, Texas Ranger
The Bank Job
Very Good 83 Points 2008

A quality caper movie based on a still murky true story from the early 1970s, The Bank Job efficiently entertains with a combination of larcenous derring-do and salacious scandal. Engagingly performed by Jason Statham, Saffron Burrows and a crew of quality character actors, the movie judicious…

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