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Perfect 11 Points 1989

One of the greatest comic book films of all time(its at least in the top 5). Told through a dark story and complex character development, visionary director Tim Burton excellently tells the story of the caped crusader. The film to me comes off as a character study of a man who is psychologically …

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  • MJ5K – Thnk you for saying that, Wick. I thought I was the ...
  • kukuruza – I very much liked a film!!! At all did not expect th...
  • Wick – Regarding "MetalJunky5000's Review":/movie_reviews/1...
  • Wick – There's a thread going right now in the General Movi...
Perfect 66 Points 2019

You laughing at me!? That’s directed at society in general by Joker, the movie of the year if not the decade.

Todd Phillips has unleashed a monumental monstrosity on us, a movie that works on so many levels it requires an intellectual elevator to visit them all. Let’s peek in on a few, sha…

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The Dark Knight
Perfect 173 Points 2008

Wickedly funny, morally complex, tremendously engaging: Comik movies get no better. Worthy of its monumental hype, The Dark Knight far exceeds its immediate predecessor Batman Begins and arguably outshines the original Batman….

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WikChip Image Greatest Swansong in Hollywood History
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  • MJ5K – Ah, how could I forget. There were just too many goo...
  • Wick – Agreed. Let's not forget _Iron Man_, also from 2008.
  • MJ5K – I gotta say, Wick, as far as movies go, I'd say 2008...
  • Demona – Totally, on the flipping truck part.. I saw the behi...
The Dark Knight...
Really Great 92 Points 2012

The finale of the Dark Knight trilogy rises to the occasion, delivering a compelling and consummately produced big screen experience. Famously long at almost three hours, it does indeed fly by, the rich story and characters well harnessed to Christopher Nolan’s masterful direction, the closure c…

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WikChip Image 1st rate villain = 1st rate action movie
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  • Wick – Regarding "BrianSez's Review":http://www.viewguide.c...
  • BrianSez – I just saw this yesterday as well. Review forthcomin...
  • Wick – Regarding "Wick's Review":
  • MJ5K – Regarding "Wick's Review":
The LEGO Batman...
Really Great 66 Points 2017

Super smart, super funny, super current, super classic and super cutting, The LEGO Batman Movie is a super sequel to The Lego Movie, that perfect piece of pop pizazz. Lego B is also the funniest Batman movie ever. Hell, it may be the best Bat movie ever, given its carte blanche to satire th…

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  • BrianSez – Regarding "Wick's Review":
Batman Returns
Great 75 Points 1992

Batman 2 endures due to Tim Burton being very Tim Burton, more than Michael Keaton being Batman or Danny DeVito being Penguin, though not more than Michelle Pfeiffer being Catwoman. Me-ow!

La magnifique Michelle purringly produced a psycho-sexual performance for the ages, a starburst that va…

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Justice League
Very Good 83 Points 2017

Justice League isn’t a bad movie, contrary to the professional critics. While hardly a great movie, it is very good and a step above Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, its main forbear. At least, it’s very good fo…

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Batman v Superm...
Good 83 Points 2016

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is as heavy as its pretentious title suggests, with nary a great performance to elevate it. Yet this DC Comics blockbuster ably fulfills its duty of teasing nine sequels.

It opens with a replay of Batman’s boyhood origin, Superman’s having been told by DC &…

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WikChip Video It's all connected to the sequels.
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