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Kung Fu Panda
Perfect 1 Points 2008
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Ip Man
Great 83 Points 2008

This great martial arts movie follows the beats and tropes of fictional king fu movies while burnishing the legend of Ip Man, a real life Grandmaster of Wing Chun kung fu and Bruce Lee’s teacher. The scene of an unarmed Master Ip facing down an armed Police Captain is a classic of the form.


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WikChip Image Ip Man amid the Japanese occupation
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Kung Fu Hustle
Very Good 11 Points 2004

Surprisingly entertain, if a bit self-serving to Stephen Chow, who produced, directed, and stars as the film’s hero. A interesting mix of martial arts and cartoonish parody of artsy Chinese martial arts epics.

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Balls of Fury
Good 9 Points 2007

Balls of fury is a silly take on the classically cliche form of the martial arts movie…replacing martial arts with ping pong in this case. Yes, the movie is ridiculous. Yes, the movie is somewhat unsubtle in its portrayal of comedy. There is one thing that Balls of fury does do with a sense …

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The Grandmaster
OK 66 Points 2013

Stately to a fault, reverential to an extreme, The Grandmaster is kung fu cinema elevated to formal art. Stodginess aside, it no doubt lingers in the mind’s eye of hard core kung fu fans, let alone for the legendary Ip Man’s disciples. For the rest of us – focused on the Bruce Lee connection …

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WikChip Image Hey, isn't that little Bruce Lee?
Ip Man 2: Legen...
OK 66 Points 2010

Ip Man 2 was supposed to focus on the legendary Grandmaster’s relationship with Bruce Lee, his most famous disciple. But Lee’s descendants didn’t go along with the plan, so the movie ends up being about Ip Man’s post-war struggles to establish Wing Chun kung fu in colonial Hong Kong. The resul…

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WikChip Image Ip Man teaches Wing Chun kung fu
The Forbidden K...
Barely OK 21 Points 2008

Pretty much what you’d expect from a martial arts film. A straight forward story-line of a 20th century boy saddled with the daunting task of learning Kung Fu and using a found magical weapon to battle his way through ancient China in order to defeat an evil warlord and save a mystical ancient king.

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Kung Fu Dunk
None Yet 0 Points 2008
Kung Fu
None Yet 0 Points 1972
My Kung Fu Swee...
None Yet 0 Points 2006