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13 Assassins
Perfect 95 Points 2011

A perfect samurai movie, complete with the gathering of a hit-squad, an assassination-worthy villain, operatic action sequences, frequent comic relief, beautifully bucolic staging, buckets of blood and yet not a lot of gore. Action fans in general and samurai fans in particular will be tickled, …

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WikChip Image 2 assassins in "The Town of Death"
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The Last Samurai
Very Good 83 Points 2003

Well produced Tom Cruise historical epic, appealing to those of us who like such entertainments. As he so often does, Cruise plays a character at once naive and smug, who reveals an admirable steeliness by the third reel.

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Bushi no ichibun
Good 1 Points 2006

This movie was presented to me as a samurai movie. Let me be clear…it is NOT a samurai movie. It is basically a love story. A samurai becomes blind in his duty to the lordship. Now he must figure out how he will be able to maintain his life. His wife is pushed by his family to make some qu…

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Shichinin no sa...
None Yet 0 Points 1954
Samurai 7
None Yet 0 Points 2005
Samurai Commando
None Yet 0 Points 2005
Black Samurai
None Yet 0 Points 1977
Samurai Pizza Cats
None Yet 0 Points 1991
American Samurai
None Yet 0 Points 1996
None Yet 0 Points 1965