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Apollo 13
Perfect 77 Points 1995

Gripping from start to finish, though the end is never in doubt.

Stands as a testament to American heroism, ingenuity and bravura movie-making.

Tom Hanks – in one of his iconic performances – heads a stellar cast atop their games.

The screenplay introduced not one, but two catchphrases i…

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WikChip Image Haise & Lovell: Right Stuff Real Deal
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Perfect 83 Points 2013

Gravity isn’t the point, zero-gravity is. However, its title is the only thing underwhelming about Alfonso Cuarón’s benchmark movie. Everything else in Gravity overwhelms. For instance, the vertical line of a sunrise coming around the massive planet looming below some intrepid astronauts is so …

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Apollo 11
Perfect 66 Points 2019

Apollo 11 is an enormous cinematic accomplishment – an rFactor 1 documentary with the power, pulse and scale of big time SciFi. See it on the biggest screen possible, with the best sound system, IMAX optimally.

It revivifies the epochal year of 1969, the first and last time that billions of…

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WikChip Video Up Close and Personal with Apollo 11
The Martian
Really Great 83 Points 2015

The Martian is an instant laureate in the SciFi Golden Age we’re now enjoying. Ridley Scott directs Matt Damon in this landmark movie, the latest in two careers full of them. Their Martian is the highest of high concepts, perfectly conceived. Andy Weir’s lauded novel comes gloriously to life in…

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WikChip Video Outtakes from the Ares 3 Crew
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The Right Stuff
Really Great 17 Points 1983

For me, the next best thing to a war movie, is a movie about astronauts, and “The Right Stuff” did not dissappoint. A 4 hour movie might seem daunting, but it goes by quickly because of the intriguing story, great actors, and constant action and drama — not to mention plentiful humor. This movi…

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Ad Astra
Really Great 66 Points 2019

Brad Pitt has his own great astronaut movie now, as every one of today’s great moviestars must.1 Ad Astra is a stately space epic, albeit punctuated with an atomic blast and more than a few death-defying set pieces. Most impressively, James Gray’s instant classic reinforces our conception of …

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Europa Report
Great 83 Points 2013

Whoa, we’ve got ourselves a great new SciFi gem, an instaclassic along the lines of Gravity. It’s imperfect sure, but Europa Report’s mashup of that new benchmark’s workaday realism, Prometheus’s something’s-out-there sensationalism an…

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WikChip Image Europa One flies by Jupiter
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Great 83 Points 2014

Interstellar is stellar: long yet engaging, showy yet substantial. Most of all it’s conceptually creative and consummately mounted, the former because of its theoretical physics underpinnings and deep humanity, the latter because of Christopher Nolan’s visual derring-do and Mathew McConaughey’s…

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Hidden Figures
Great 83 Points 2016

Behind every successful man is a strong woman, three in the case of John Glenn and the Mercury Seven astronauts — strong black women in fact, smart too, very smart. Hidden Figures smartly tells their tale, a can’t-miss concoction of civil rights, space race and romantic drama. Lots of star powe…

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First Man
Very Good 83 Points 2018

First Man is a forced march, joyless despite the profoundly joyous – if harrowing – adventure it chronicles. One disaster or near-disaster after another, and then … triumph. Some of this stems from the nearly inchoate mid-century man that was Neal Armstrong and some from his joyless marriage….

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