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Great 93 Points 1997

King of the World combination of teen dream romance, larger than life disaster and mechanical intrigue. Pushes the entertainment buttons of most every demographic.

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This Is the End
Great 83 Points 2013

This Is The End is the demented love child of Superbad, Pineapple Express, Cloverfield and Left Behind. Yes, that’s four parents. Who’s judging. Slyly self-referential, super sick and sock-it-to-me funny, it simply slays – comedically speaking. Roughly 40% LOL, the intervening 60% gets …

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San Andreas
Great 83 Points 2015

Yes I did and I’m glad I did, saw San Andreas, in 3D and everything. Having long since become a Californian, I felt ready for its disaster movie ethos of If you love something, destroy it on the big screen.

Fortunately, San Andreas is a consummately manipulative and charming blockbuster….

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Hotel Mumbai
Great 66 Points 2019

The 2008 Mumbai attacks were of 9/11 savagery and comprehensiveness, yet have faded from Western consciousness. Hotel Mumbai recreates them with stunning alacrity, moving quickly from the Islamist terrorists coming ashore in rubber boats to starting to shoot-up train stations, restaurants and e…

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WikChip Video A Measure of Justice
Very Good 83 Points 2012

Prometheus may be pretentious but it’s also spectacular and occasionally petrifying, an imperfect blockbuster to be sure but hardly an unsatisfying one. Ridley Scott rarely delivers anything less. Perhaps he’ll deliver more in the inevitable sequel.

Notwithstanding a strong cast, the space…

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World War Z
Very Good 83 Points 2013

Beware the Zeeks. Or is it Zekes? Either way, zare’s lots of Zs in WWZ, zousands even, zillions maybe. Zale get you unless Brad Pitt has his way, which he will. He’s Brad Pitt. In turn, he gets your 10 bucks.

Pitt plus a Zillion Zekes zequals Zoutrageous Box Office for World War Z, gu…

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Very Good 83 Points 2014

Big thing Godzilla, been around a long time, sixty years on screen, millions more in Godzilla story years. Archetype and moviestar, it’s a 350’ T-Rex that thrives on nuclear energy, making it a metaphor for nukes in general and nuclear bombs in particular. Godzilla 2014 proffers little new, ye…

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Kong: Skull Island
Very Good 83 Points 2017

Kong has no dong. It’d be too dangerous, which is why Legendary Pictures won’t go there, even with a post-modern blonde playing the strong woman who has a moment or two with him. Hey, how do we even know Kong is male? No dong, no proof. Beautiful Brie Larson may have had an I kissed a girl expe…

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WikChip Video Land of the Giants
Good 23 Points 2009

The Disaster film formula strikes again in 2012. If you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all, but what the heck; let’s give Cusack his moments of glory as he saves the day. It’ll be fun.

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Good 83 Points 2011

This movie is sick, literally. That’s not a bad thing as star-studded disaster movies go, though this one is more paranoiac than most. Fantasizing about the Mother of All Communicable Diseases does make it more than a little fascinating. Is that sick to say?

The star-studded cast proves its …

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