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Sin City
Really Great 21 Points 2005

What a fun movie! I stayed away for a long time because I didn’t want to see all the violence, but … now that I’ve seen it, wow am I glad I did. The cast is stellar, the storyline is obviously great, and I just really had a good time watching this movie. Don’t show the kids though!

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Great 93 Points 2011

Martin Scorsese does a kid’s movie, delivering a film history lesson wrapped in a Parisian postcard. Glorious visuals, affecting performances and deft filmmaking flourishes make it a treat for kids of all ages.

The fable of Hugo Cabret imagines an orphan boy who lives in the walls of a stor…

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WikChip Image Hey, who's that photographer?
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300: Rise of an...
Very Good 66 Points 2014

300: Rise of an Empire is Greek history through a fantasy lens darkly, prequel and sequel to the ‘06 hit about King Leonidas and his band of 300. The new movie’s nearly 4x Reality factor stems from Frank Miller’s graphic novel, full of vainglorious liberties, supernatural contrivances and hist…

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WikChip Video Representative Excerpt in Trailer 2
Good 125 Points 2009

It’s a big movie with a lot on its mind: Mostly that heroes are often seriously flawed and therefore institutions are intrinsically untrustworthy. But also that five out of six superheros are men, and the token female must dress as a dominatrix – with a bad costume in the case of Watchmen’s Silk…

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WikChip Image Real Watchmen: Superpowers not Superh...
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Good 139 Points 2006

Highly stylized though affecting movie brings a comik sensibility to an ancient battle. I ended up liking it more than I thought I would, since King Leonidas makes a great hero and his wife a worthy Queen.

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2 Guns
OK 69 Points 2013

A merely OK movie can still be enjoyable if it’s got something outstanding about it. Primo buddies do the trick in 2 Guns. The rest of the cast and film? Less than stellar and just OK. Plus the title doesn’t help.

2 Guns is too blunt – so 2 speak.

I wanted to bump up my final summa…

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WikChip Image Perfect buddies do their thing in 2 G...
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