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Perfect 73 Points 1942

The best movie ever is still fresh, funny, romantic and captivating after all these decades. Try it as a date movie, perfect for him and for her. After all, “we’ll always have Paris.”

Casablanca remains important because it transcendently dealt with life-and-death political challenges, nam…

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Days of Thunder
Perfect 1 Points 1990
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The Godfather: ...
Perfect 13 Points 1974

This or the original is my favourite of all time. I cried at the end.

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The Mission
Perfect 2 Points 1986

As Close to a perfect film as you can get,
Music, acting, cinematography,direction story, dialogue and location are amazing
a beautiful film

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Ghosts... of th...
Perfect 13 Points 1988

One of the most unnerving viewing experiances ever, Ghosts … of the Civil Dead is the polar opposite of The Shawshank Redemption’s message of hope and goodness in humanity even thought their both prison flims. I’ve been described as liking director John Hillcoat’s third film The Proposition eno…

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The Shawshank R...
Perfect 93 Points 1994

Ultimate male bonding, pungent dialogue, and charismatic performances make this a classic fairytale for grown men. Tim Robbins’ steely, understated banker-behind-bars buddies up with Morgan Freeman’s laconic, decent con to form a duo for the ages.

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The English Pat...
Perfect 1 Points 1996
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Perfect 1 Points 1997

Face/Off is about an FBI agent on the trail of a brutal terrorist who goes through a facial surgery to become the terrorist in order to catch him.
This movie is as thrilling and intense as an action movie is. The only thing is you’ll have to keep him with the characters so you wouldn’t get conf…

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American History X
Perfect 1 Points 1998

This is one of the truly great movies that many people have not seen. It centers around Derek (Edward Norton) a Neo-Nazi who is sent to prison and learns that his actions have consequences far beyond his comprehension. I would compare this movies point as a much rougher version of Crash. It is…

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Perfect 3 Points 1999

Great cast, great story, great film. Story line was obtained with a good twist and chemistry. Personally this film would out rank the Ocean series. I love catherine zeta jones character how she is working on both sides.

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