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Great 66 Points 2019

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Yesterday is the best high-concept movie in recent memory. What if the entire world never knew of the Beatles? No Hey Jude, no Sgt. Peppers, no Revolution, no Fab Four. John, Paul, George & Ringo, just lads.

Except one guy never forgot, a failed singer-songwriter who only needed one gr…

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WikChip Video The only singer who knows the Beatles
Russian Dolls
Very Good 66 Points 2005

Goodbye Barcelona. Russian Dolls sends the Euro dudes and dudettes from The Spanish Apartment to London, Paris and St. Petersburg, with a side trip for clubbing in Moscow. Fairly steady sexual tension and plenty of mildly amusing romantic hijinks make it an entertaining trip, one that’s set…

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WikChip Image A lesbian becomes a dude's best friend
Jack Ryan: Shad...
Very Good 83 Points 2014

The hero of many a Tom Clancy story gets rebooted in Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, a more than competent action thriller. Chris Pine, Kevin Costner, Keira Knightley and Kenneth Branagh are much more than competent as its starring quartet, allowing the movie to draw from a deep well of moviestar…

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WikChip Image Branagh the Dir employs a killer villain
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Creed II
Very Good 66 Points 2018

Sylvester Stallone’s Rocky franchise lives on, now centered on a new generation and an African-American hero. This all works and provides a dose of social relevance, making Creed II a solid entrant in the Rocky canon. It’s also a better than average boxing movie, largely because it follows the …

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WikChip Image Behind most good men is a father figure
Mission: Imposs...
Good 83 Points 2011

Your mission, should you choose to accept it: Pay $15 for an IMAX sequel that spurns the music and conventions that defined Mission Impossible in the first place and that fails to induce vertigo, IMAX or no. Doesn’t seem a worthwhile value in these recessionary times.

MI – GP is a good movi…

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WikChip Image Famous nose meets self-destructing fone
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The Death of St...
Good 66 Points 2018

Cults of personality hit peak absurdity when their object dies, as vividly satired in The Death of Stalin. Unfortunately, this political comedy is more smart than funny. Hence, its LOLs are few and far between.

Stalin funny? Yeah, even though he stands nearly alone in megalomaniacal evil, be…

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WikChip Video The Banality of Evil, Satired
The Last Czars
None Yet 0 Points 2019
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