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Perfect 66 Points 2018

In Theaters Now

Behold the best movie of the year. Alpha leads the pack literally and figuratively. Vividly realistic if surreal sequences of life in Europe 20,000 years ago cradle a family love story and one of the best dog stories ever.

What’s not to love?

The most intense opening scene of an action-ad…

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WikChip Video The first hour of the movie in 2½ mi...
The Tree of Life
Great 92 Points 2011

Deeply affecting, Terrence Malick’s ultimate family drama omnisciently observes a nearly idyllic household afflicted by two bolts of tragedy. Love, marriage, birth, death, and all the hoods – fatherhood, motherhood, brotherhood, childhood, adulthood, neighborhood – get touched upon in the proces…

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WikChip Video This is how movie brilliance appears.
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Great 83 Points 2014

Noah is a mashup of Old Testament and Global Warming theologies, one antediluvian, one anti-economic. Oh yeah, there’s also lots of Hollywood fantasy thrown in to make it a 21st century basso profondo action epic. The bizarre result is often ridiculous, but ultimately worthwhile both theologi…

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WikChip Image Leaden & bizarre, yet also worthwhile
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Prehistoric Pre...
Good 66 Points 2007

Cmon, what boy hasn’t hankered after the sabertoothed tiger? This brief NatGeo documentary scratches that itch.

It turns out that hundreds of these top predators got inadvertently preserved in Los Angeles’ La Brea tar pits, yielding skeletons that provide insight into their unique hunting sty…

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WikChip Image Holy cow: Sabertooth bite test experi...
Sea Monsters: A...
None Yet 0 Points 2007
Women of the Pr...
None Yet 0 Points 1966
Prehistoric Park
None Yet 0 Points 2006
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