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The Wrestler
Really Great 95 Points 2008

An elemental movie that spills the beans about a spectacularly dishonest “sport,” The Wrestler makes few false moves, provides a showcase for Mickey Rourke’s instantly legendary performance, and proves to be an involving, affecting and punch-funny movie.

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WikChip Image The Thinker as The Wrestler
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Really Great 83 Points 2015

Trainwreck is a benchmark movie for a millennial society that refuses to grow up. Kinda autobiographical, it paints a portrait of a sexual girl named Amy who plows through hookups like a drunk quarterback at a cheerleader convention. Amy Schumer – the current supernova It Girl – based it on her…

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Battle of the S...
Really Great 66 Points 2017

Battle of the Sexes is a terrific movie about a sociological sensation that was as fun as it was important, and it was very, very important. Bobby Riggs vs. Billie Jean King was that big. The movie illuminates not just the sexual politics at play, but also early seventies mass media and a much …

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Heaven Can Wait
Great 70 Points 1978

A perfect Hollywood confection, charming and LOL funny. Centered on Warren Beatty in his movie star prime, plenty believable as an all-too-good NFL quarterback.

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WikChip Image Lovely Christie
Great 95 Points 2011

Brad Pitt hits a triple with Moneyball and then unexpectedly steals home. His Billy Beane strides through the National Pastime like a corporate buccaneer – smart, swaggering, fun – before receiving a surprising comeuppance from his daughter, a child of divorce. Together the personal and profe…

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The Book of Man...
Great 66 Points 2013

Non football fans needn’t steer away from The Book of Manning, notwithstanding its status as a must-see for those of us who love America’s brutally beautiful game. That’s because this documentary about Archie Manning’s family follows the priorities he established within the family: family first,…

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WikChip Image 3 little Mannings: Cooper, Eli & Peyton
Great 83 Points 2015

Mike Webster was a hero of mine, at a time when heroes were very, very influential in a young man’s life. Iron Mike Webster snapped the ball to Terry Bradshaw in four Super Bowls, all of which the Steelers won – my Steelers. He famously wore short-sleeves and no arm-pads to not get grabbed by def…

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Jerry Maguire
Great 18 Points 1996

A Tom Cruise classic. Sometimes formulaic, but a great moral-telling story how even the glitzy can be vulnerable. Goding was a great pick for the “show me the money” athelite, and the romance between Cruise and Zellweger works as well. Nice appearance by Bonnie Hunt as Zellweger’s sister.

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I, Tonya
Great 17 Points 2017

Margot Robbie was great, but Allison Janney shows why she got the Oscar in I Tonya. Before seeing this, I had no idea about the poor white trash background of the skater’s mom who routinely used phrases like “lick my a$$” and chain-smoked her way through Tonya’s life. The move was great and a ho…

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Bull Durham
Great 66 Points 1988

Bull Durham set a new standard for sports movies. Jocks on screen had never been this smart, this sexy, this suave. It’s also a classic Susan Sarandon liberated-woman picture, here a JuCo English teacher with a thing for baseball players. She’s pretty and they’re dumb, until she runs into Kevin…

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