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The Sting
Perfect 66 Points 1973

Perfection: The opening music sets a movielover’s heart aflutter and The Sting just gets better from there. A Scott Joplin rag – brilliantly slowed down by Marvin Hamlisch – leads to Robert Redford and Paul Newman, reunited a mere four years after they first got together in "Butch Cassidy and t…

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Perfect 66 Points 2019

Martin Scorsese would consider Parasite cinema, brilliant cinema. The rest of the filmic world agrees, seeing as how this South Korean sensation won the Palme d’Or at Cannes this year, where it beat out Once Upon a Time … in Hollywood

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The Grifters
Great 66 Points 1990

Anjelica Huston and Annette Bening use their considerable feminine wiles to control a man-in-the-middle. Talk about a double shot of mature sexiness, even if John Cusack proves barely worthy of their attentions. Of course Huston’s mobbed-up mom takes an immediate dislike to Bening’s sexed-up gi…

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The Lady Eve
Great 66 Points 1941

Preston Sturges made RomComs that are funny, sexy, glamorous, clever and sophisticated. The Lady Eve proves the point. It still works three quarters of a century later, especially with the proto-modern Barbara Stanwyck as the minx in the middle of a screwball con-game extraordinaire.


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The Wolf of Wal...
Great 83 Points 2013

The Wolf of Long Island celebrates a craven criminal: a coke snorting, lude popping, reverse Robin Hood. What’s that? The biopic about the demented Jordan Belfort is titled The Wolf of Wall Street. Really? He spent scant time there. Belfort and his entire operation are Long Islanders dow…

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Catch Me If You...
Great 66 Points 2002

Spielberg deploys DiCaprio, Walken & Hanks to great effect in the true-crime whopper Catch Me If You Can, the biopic of wunderkind conman Frank Abagnale. Spielberg’s film was a period-piece hoot when it premiered in 2002, depicting a 60s & 70s America that felt distant even then and is downrigh…

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Dirty Rotten Sc...
Very Good 17 Points 1988

DRS should be on the ‘to view’ list of anyone who appreciates old school comedy, and if you appreciate Steve Martin and haven’t seen DRS yet, you really need to put it at the top of your list soon. Steve and Michael Caine are a real hoot to watch as they unabashedly take rich women for as …

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American Hustle
Very Good 83 Points 2013

A big, bawdy brouhaha of a movie, David O. Russell’s followup to Silver Linings Playbook never fails to entertain, especially in recreating the Seventies. Yet it never coheres to a point. It’s all pointless seems to be its point. Silver Linings Playbook

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$5 a Day
Good 83 Points 2008

A smalltime con artist reconnects with his reluctant son as they scam their way cross-country in $5 a Day. The whole thing has an understated lunacy to it that evokes a bygone era.
Indeed, it feels like an old-time movie set in the Rap Era.

$5 a Day has three main assets: classic Christo…

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Color Me Kubrick
Good 66 Points 2005

Color Me Kubrick isn’t for everyone. It was worth viewing for me because of its lens into the London show biz scene and its masterful Malkovich performance. I’d wager the more you know show business the more you’ll like this true show biz story about some nasty funny business. BTW, it’s also …

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WikChip Video It's all going so well, then it's not.