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Perfect 17 Points 2014

Angelina Jolie directs the astounding true story about Olympic runner Louie Zamporini. Louie was art of a Bomber crew in pacific who was shot down, survived over 45 days at sea, surrounded by sharks, shot at by and then captured by the Japanese, tortured by a sadistic Japanese commander "the …

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Free Solo
Perfect 17 Points 2018

Edge of your seat documentary about Alex Honnold’s journey to finally free soloing El Cap in 2017. Seriously stressful watching this – but so rewarding!

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The Sandlot
Perfect 9 Points 1993

An American Classic, in my opinion. This is easily one of the most underrated films of all time filled with good laughs, memorable moments, and ever lasting characters. The story revolves around a twelve year old kid named Scotty, a new boy to the neighborhood. One day, an older kid talks him int…

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Perfect 83 Points 2010

You needn’t be a racing fan to appreciate this cinéma vérité biography of superstar Formula One champion Ayrton Senna. An appreciation for bravura cinema, natural genius or Eurostyle glamour are other appetites the movie satisfies.

Senna draws from copious footage of the handsome young race…

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Days of Thunder
Perfect 1 Points 1990
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Ford v Ferrari
Perfect 66 Points 2019

A whip-smart script about whip-smart people doing world historic things in super-cool cars going 200 MPH makes Ford v Ferrari perhaps the best sports biopic ever. Its perfect cast is led by a perfect Matt Damon.

Granted, the moviemakers had loads to work with given how iconic was the Ford GT…

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Battle of the S...
Really Great 66 Points 2017

Battle of the Sexes is a terrific movie about a sociological sensation that was as fun as it was important, and it was very, very important. Bobby Riggs vs. Billie Jean King was that big. The movie illuminates not just the sexual politics at play, but also early seventies mass media and a much …

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More Than a Game
Really Great 83 Points 2008

Ain’t no better basketball movie than this boys-to-men documentary about LeBron James and his brothers-in-hoops. Even better, More Than a Game can be enjoyed equally well by non-basketball fans because it’s also a brilliant and touching portrait of half a dozen contemporary African-American mal…

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We Are Marshall
Really Great 66 Points 2006

Arguably the best football movie ever, We Are Marshall is about much more than sports. Don’t shy away because 75 people – including dozens of collegiate football players – died in the horrific plane crash that forms its centerpiece. The movie is about what led up to the tragedy and mostly abo…

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Remember The Ti...
Really Great 71 Points 2000

Poignance, glory, Denzel: three ingredients that make Titans a great football movie. Poignant as in funny and affecting, glorious as in achieving great and meaningful victories, Denzel as in pure movie star charisma.

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