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Let's Spend the...
Perfect 66 Points 1983

The world’s greatest rock & roll band – at the peak of their powers – glimmers brightly in Hal Ashby’s awkwardly titled movie documenting their massive 1981 stadium tour. Promoting a just released Tattoo You, the 25 song set draws six tracks from that kickass album, along with three from the u…

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Not Fade Away
Perfect 66 Points 2012

David Chase & Little Stevie should’ve released Not Fade Away here in January, instead of at the October film festivals. It coulda been the first great movie of 2013. Instead it’s yet another great movie from 2012.

OK, that ain’t chopped liver. Still, it coulda set the pace for the New Yea…

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WikChip Video What the kids wanted to be: Stones
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Win Win
Really Great 88 Points 2011

Win Win has become such a cliche, yet is anything but in the entirely winning movie of that title. Cleverly mining today’s uneven economy, the uneasy equality of modern marriages, the unjust world of neglected kids, and not least, the under-appreciated sport of high school wrestling, Win Win

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The Irishman
Really Great 66 Points 2019

Martin Scorsese’s The Irishman is the Forest Gump of mob movies, sans any sense of sweetness of course. The Irishman has an emotional range from glum to grim, but is Gump-like in placing its protagonist in the middle of a long series of famous moments from the early sixties to the mid seventi…

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WikChip Video Circoreality 2.6x of Actual
Really Great 66 Points 2023

In Theaters Now

J. Robert Oppenheimer is an American hero, flawed like most, resolute when it mattered. The Father of the Atomic Bomb saved countless US Marines, sailors and airmen when his work forced Imperial Japan to surrender short of an amphibious attack on Tokyo. (That would have made Iwo Jima look like …

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WikChip Image The real Einstein & Oppenheimer
The Iceman
Great 83 Points 2013

Pity The Iceman – the movie, not the Mafia hitman. Great mob movies are broadly treasured, even more when they’re about real guys who committed real crimes. And yet this one has flown under the radar.

Six-four, with big Polish hands, the Iceman could take anybody and often did, mostly unde…

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WikChip Video Serious Business
Don Jon
Great 83 Points 2013

Heterosexual relationships circa 2013 get skewered in Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s smoking hot opus Don Jon. The awkward title – albeit bold in its simplicity – undersells what an accomplished undertaking this is by JGL, who continues a long running ascent towards Hollywood immortality.

His hig…

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WikChip Image Father-Son bonding
Cop Land
Great 66 Points 1997

De Niro, Keitel, Liotta, Berg and Stallone – with a helluva cast behind `em – turned Cop Land into a cauldron of cinematic testosterone. A strong sense of place and vivid filmmaking on both sides of the Hudson made it well worth a view. Genre requirements and trite political poison limited it…

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WikChip Image Stallone & Sciorra
Danny Collins
Great 83 Points 2015

Al Pacino plays faux-rockstar Danny Collins like a demented Neal Diamond, complete with big singalong. Danny Collins instantly enters the Pacino Pantheon, Extreme Extrovert Wing. Rockstar Al is in the house.

The film is entirely high concept, albeit inspired by a real story: John Lennon wro…

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WikChip Video The Story of Danny Collins
On The Road
Very Good 66 Points 2013

I read On The Road by 21 because it was necessary. I saw On The Road this weekend to be entertained.

Entertaining it is, though cultural legacy aside, mad words about mad living don’t make a great movie, not without great acting and a cinematic story, neither of which On The Road has….

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