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Perfect 80 Points 1999

After long avoiding this movie, I was compelled to watch it by Massie’s simple declaration of its perfection. He’s right, this is a perfect movie, long yet packed with necessary detail, suspenseful even though the end is never in doubt, chock full of charismatic performances by three of our great…

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Best of Enemies
Perfect 66 Points 2015

The future of TV politics hit the ABC News airwaves during the 1968 presidential nominating conventions. Best of Enemies, a transcendent documentary, brings it all back to life. William F. Buckley debating Gore Vidal is the proximate focus, but the larger story is the rise of opinion-centric TV…

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WikChip Video Brilliant and Brilliantly Entertaining
Mr. Jones
Perfect 66 Points 2019

Gareth the Great defenestrates two cultural institutions in one fell swoop: communism and the NY Times. Plus, it’s mostly true. Wait what? This superb movie isn’t titled Gareth the Great? It’s about Gareth Jones, arguably the greatest journalist of the 20th century, and therefore of all ti…

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WikChip Video Several key lines in 2 minutes
Safety Not Guar...
Great 83 Points 2012

Safety not guaranteed, but viewing pleasure is assured from this endearing romcom. It features a smart story about a Miss Lonelyheart falling in love with an apparently crazy time-traveler she’s researching for an exposé. His crazy but real (crazy-real?) scenario meshes well with today’s über-…

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WikChip Image "If it were so certain, I wouldn't be...
His Girl Friday
Great 66 Points 1940

Fast talking, smartalecky comedy hit a peak with His Girl Friday. Still LOL funny today, it’s also plenty clever enough to travel through the ages as intelligent entertainment for movie lovers of any generation.

How could it not be? It stars the most versatile movie star ever in Cary Grant…

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WikChip Image Grant & Russell - made for each other
Almost Famous
Great 66 Points 2000

Backstage Pass To Rock & Roll Valhalla. Rock and roll voyeur trip. Great performances, including then new star Kate Hudson. Funny, witty script.

Cameron Crowe is a monster talent, and apparently has been one since he started writing for Rolling Stone as a mere pup of 15. This lovingly persona…

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Great 66 Points 2013

Fracking is a virtual four-letter word for the Environmental Left, and a byword for American ingenuity, economic growth and geopolitical strength for its fans. Irish journalist Phelim McAleer falls into the latter camp for reasons that he documents convincingly and engagingly in FrackNation.

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WikChip Video FrackNation torches Gasland's credibi...
Great 66 Points 2008

Funny and sad in equal measures, this brilliant movie brings to life the media event that put a postscript on one of the saddest chapters in American history.

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WikChip Video "I'd a done it" sounds like OJ
Very Good 66 Points 1986

Perfect credits lead to a fitfully entertaining movie about some monumentally smug people in Heartburn. Meryl Streep and Jack Nicholson – in his prime – lead the credits. The great Mike Nichols directs, fifteen years after directing Nicholson in the scandalous Carnal Knowledge

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WikChip Image Jack in his prime
Julie & Julia
Very Good 66 Points 2009

This schizophrenic biography of a legendary woman and the blogger who idolized her would have been better if it was simply Julia sans Julie. Still it works as concocted due to the tremendous vitality, grace and good humor of Julia Child and the nonpar…

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WikChip Image She mastered the art of French cooking.
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