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Das Boot
Perfect 83 Points 1981

One of the all-time great submarine movies, so terrific it even had this Yiddish Yank rooting for the Nazi Navy.

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Lone Survivor
Perfect 83 Points 2013

The greatest bromance movie of all time – charming, funny, deeply affecting – Lone Survivor is more importantly the Saving Private Ryan of our still young 21st Century. It viscerally depicts American heroes fighting my war against m…

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WikChip Video Greatest Bromance Movie of All Time
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Master and Comm...
Really Great 66 Points 2003

Ultimate naval warfare movie, thy name is Master and Commander. It’s got everything: broadside cannon battles, flogging and grogging, close observation of life aboard an early 19th Century warship, mast-top ocean views, even visits to the Galápagos Islands. Ahoy.

Oh yeah, then there’s that…

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WikChip Image 1805 military surgery impressively re...
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Really Great 66 Points 1965

Morituri is a terrible title for a movie, now and in 1965 when this Brando-Brynner warhorse premiered. If that wasn’t bad enough, Marlon Brando refused to do publicity, limiting himself to one line of perverse grandiosity. The movie bombed. So they renamed it The Saboteur: Code Name Morituri

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USS Indianapoli...
Great 17 Points 2016

Nicolas Cage stars in the remarkable story of Captain Charles Butler McVay, who commanded the USS Indianapolis during WWII in the Pacific. The Indianapolis was known for its final mission of secretly delivering components of the atomic bomb to Tinian. On its way to Guam it was torpedoed and su…

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Great 66 Points 2019

Visual and historic greatness trumps the wooden acting in Midway, making it a great war movie that is an absolute must for we history buffs and patriots. The Battle of Midway was the Greatest Naval Battle Ever, won by Admiral Chester Nimitz (Woody Harrelson, stolid) & pilots like Dick Best (Ed …

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WikChip Video Useful 23 min on Greatest Naval Battle
Great 66 Points 2020

Greyhound delivers naval battle action that will likely never be topped. USN Captain Tom Hanks orders his men to General Quarters more often than you’ll go to the fridge for refills. Torpedoes get fired and outmaneuvered, depth charges deployed and cannons barraged at levels rarely seen and nev…

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WikChip Video Naval battles don't more intense than...
Very Good 66 Points 2022

Devotion is a poorly-titled twofer: a damn good war movie about a Medal of Honor recipient and his heroic squadron, plus a powerful biopic about the Navy’s first black fighter pilot. It’s triply good for reviving these true stories about the sadly overlooked Korean War. All in all, that makes i…

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WikChip Image NAVY Fighters in the Korean War
K19 The Widowmaker
Very Good 17 Points 2002

Widow maker indeed. If you thought you already know how stressful things are on a wartime submarine? Try a nuclear submarine with a reactor failure. Starting with the champagne bottle that would not break at the christening, you knew things were going to go badly for the sea trials of K-19, Ru…

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Flight Of The I...
Good 17 Points 1991

Has glorifying insubordination gone out of style? If so, watch Flight of the Intruder for some gold old ‘disobey orders for a worthy cause’ nostalgia. The plot is pretty much a joke and tries too hard to be a Carrier borne top gun. That said, if you are like me and enjoy anything that has stres…

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