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The Dirty Dozen
Perfect 22 Points 1967

Best cast ever. Best men on a mission war movie ever.

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Lone Survivor
Perfect 83 Points 2013

The greatest bromance movie of all time – charming, funny, deeply affecting – Lone Survivor is more importantly the Saving Private Ryan of our still young 21st Century. It viscerally depicts American heroes fighting my war against m…

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Perfect 66 Points 2019

In Theaters Now

The War To End All Wars gets its closeup in 1917, titled after a year little known to we 21st century people. WWI has been largely terra incognita at the movies, even as WWII flicks are dime a dozen, a Dirty Dozen. The struggle against t…

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Really Great 83 Points 2014

The pantheon of essential WWII movies has a new entrant. David Ayer’s Fury stars Brad Pitt as an American Staff Sergeant who must lead a platoon of Sherman tanks against the Germans’ superior Panzers. Think Chevies vs. Benzes, with Brad and his battle-hardened crew in an outgunned Sherman named…

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The Desert Fox:...
Really Great 66 Points 1951

Field Marshal Erwin Rommel – the Desert Fox – was Nazi Germany’s national hero, their military icon. Hitler needed him, couldn’t kill him, so he had Rommel kill himself. Absolute evil, thy name is Hitler.

That and more make The Desert Fox: The Story of Rommel a touchstone World War II movi…

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Great 83 Points 1970

Essential though Patton may be – as war movie, as American history, as biopic – it’s not the epochal statement the Academy thought they were canonizing with seven Oscars in 1971, including Best Picture. Back then Frances Ford Coppola’s script seemed subversive, undermining American militarism …

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Great 83 Points 2010

Into the Valley of Death rode the 2nd Platoon of Battle Company, ultimately riding back out with their dignity, humanity and honor intact, a trial by firefight that this important documentary shows in vivid detail. Well, given the ferocity of the fighting, not all rode out. Killed early on was …

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WikChip Video Dauntless Courage and American Spirit
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Great 83 Points 2010

The heart of a battle tank turns into a heart of darkness for four soldiers – softies – thrust into the horror of war. The obvious comparison to Das Boot captures Lebanon’s ironclad claustrophobia and blinkered view. Yet Apocalypse Now seems more fitting an antecedent given how these unwi…

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Hacksaw Ridge
Great 83 Points 2016

Okinawa was once a byword for the savagery of war. Hacksaw Ridge plumbs the depths of that savagery and the grace that also attended it in the form of Medal of Honor recipient Desmond Doss. A conscientious objector, Doss was unsurpassed in bravery, personally rescuing 75 wounded men from the "t…

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When Trumpets Fade
Very Good 17 Points 1998

This made for TV movie follows a reluctant squad leader (the recognizable Ron Eldard) as he is spurred in to using his great instincts during the Nov. 1944 Battle of Hurtgen Forest as the allies pushed deeper in to Germany. The movie is intense, bloody, and highlights the greatest generation’s …

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