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A Hard Day's Night
Perfect 68 Points 1964

Pop art perfection, A Hard Day’s Night captures the greatest band ever in their greatest movie. While they’d make other movies and more transcendent music, Richard Lester’s revolutionary film revealed the Beatles to be as smart as they were sexy. And they were super sexy. Mockumentary closeu…

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WikChip Image John plays with Patty Boyd and Pru Bury
The Rocky Horro...
Perfect 17 Points 1975

I say this a lot. But this time a mean it. This: The Rocky Horror Picture Show is my favorite movie of all time. To start, I can’t imagine how many times I’ve actually seen this movie. Maybe around 20 or 25? The reason for this is… well… there are so many reasons. First off, the music is abso…

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WikChip Image oh... ROCKY!!
Perfect 2 Points 1996

Madonna won The Golden Glob award for Best Actress in a Comedy or Musical for this incredible movie. This movie took us deep into the world of Eva Peron. Madonna & Antonio Banderas turned in incredible performances. Andrew Lloyd Webber’s incredible muscial brought to the big screen with style …

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Putting It Toge...
Perfect 6 Points 2000

The filmed last performance of the show, this dvd may be hard to find, but is well worth it. Marking Carol Burnett’s return to the great stages of Broadway, this musical is a collection of the finest songs from Sondheim’s finest musicals, I found my copy on the internet for a few dollars and I as…

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Singin' in the ...
Perfect 71 Points 1952

Hollywood perfection, thy name is Singin’ in the Rain.

Forget the singing, forget the dancing, see it for the sparkling comedy. It’s simply studded with LOLs.

Though many of us have seen outtakes, especially Gene Kelly’s Singing’ in the Rain number, every movie fan should see the entir…

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WikChip Video Dancing with the Stars? No, stars dan...
Moulin Rouge
Really Great 10 Points 2001

I love this movie. I shouldn’t love this movie. I enjoyed Zombie Strippers for crying out loud, I should hate this movie. But I don’t. At heart I’m a sappy romantic who’s life has been very influenced by music and this movie was just…

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WikChip Video Its better than this makes it look.
Really Great 2 Points 2005

No day but today!
I’ve seen this musical multiple times on Broadway, once including the original cast. When I read that this was coming to the big screen with almost the entire original cast, I counted the days until it’s opening and saw it the day it opened. This story of a group of friends a…

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Sweeney Todd: T...
Really Great 118 Points 2007

There will be blood, indeed. And singing, don’t forget the singing. And genius: Johnny Depp in a Tim Burton film about a mass murderer makes this Edward Razorhands.

All in all, this highly theatrical production captivates and pleases with charismatic performances, a compelling story about …

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WikChip Image Moviestar visages command our gaze.
Really Great 12 Points 2006

A really good independent movie that follows the relationship of a busker in Ireland and an immigrant from the Czech Republic. The relationship has music as its core, and the story is told mostly through the music the two create. The film won many awards, including a Grammy for one of its songs.

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Really Great 66 Points 1972

This paean to lost licentiousness in the face of fascism won eight (8!) Oscars, losing out only on Best Picture and Best Adapted Screenplay (both to The Godfather for Pete’s sake). The movie that made Liza more famous for her talent than her…

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WikChip Image Sexy Brilliance.