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Waltz with Bashir
Perfect 66 Points 2008

The hell of war gets chronicled as never before in this stylistic and thematic breakthrough of a movie. Animated though vividly realistic, this grunt’s-eye view of war and its post-traumatic aftermath stands as a postmodern masterpiece, taking its place alongside fictional accounts like "Apocaly…

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WikChip Video Golden Globe acceptance by Ari Folman
Operation Finale
Perfect 66 Points 2018

The banality of evil gets a powerful debunking in Operation Finale, an awkwardly if accurately titled docudrama about the Mossad’s 1960 capture of Final Solution logistics chief Adolf Eichmann in Argentina. Little Adolf was famously said to embody “the banality of evil” as he dissembled during …

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WikChip Video The (real) Man Who Got Eichmann
The Debt
Really Great 83 Points 2011

A mashup of Israel’s bravura capture of Adolph Eichmann and the moral confusion of Munich, The Debt pays off almost completely, missing perfection by ceding reality. Well that and because the Mossad agents’ reluctance to kill the fictional Surgeon of Birkenau annoys as much as it galvanizes….

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The Band's Visit
Great 84 Points 2007

Relaxed and delightfully deadpan, with several LOL moments, The Band’s Visit works as a perfectly pleasant comedy and as a signpost for how Israelis and Arabs can live together as neighbors. The movie uses a classic fish-out-of-water situation to achieve more than a few moments of inspired comi…

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Closed Season
Great 66 Points 2012

Closed Season’s home-front Holocaust drama gets amplified by delving into some serious sexual intrigue. Result? A great movie, one that’s titled Ende der Schonzeit in its native Germany. Google translates that as “End of the grace period”. Hmm, besser in Deutsch.

A near feudal German…

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WikChip Image "I need you to impregnate my wife here."
Great 66 Points 1966

Judith features Gentile moviestars playing Jewish freedom fighters during Israel’s War of Independence. It’s amazing how glamorous a story centered on early kibbutz life at the end of the British Mandate can be.

To that end, Judith is a fabulous Sophia Loren movie. The great Loren stars a…

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WikChip Image Kibbutznick Extraordinaire
Great 66 Points 1959

More than just the chariot race, Ben-Hur virtually defines big screen epic. At three and a half hours, it’s a lot of movie, full of bravura performances, grand visuals, and tasteful religious symbolism. One of only three movies to win 11 Oscars,1 it deserves the acclaim that accompanies the…

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WikChip Image Ben-Hur: This, in widescreen Technico...
Good 17 Points 2016

Yet another take on the Christian biblical history of Jesus, but this time from the perspective of a rough but chisled Roman Legionaire. This is actually refreshing, because it doesn’t really focus too much on the religious stuff, but rather comes across as more of an ancient Roman ‘whodunnit’. …

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Zero Motivation
OK 66 Points 2014

Zero Motivation is a loafer’s view of army life, as embodied by the worst unit in the Israeli Army. Some girls just aren’t army-material, but that hardly matters in a country with universal service requirements.

Instead of F-Troop, think *G-Tr…

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WikChip Image G-Troop, IDF-style
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7 Days in Entebbe
OK 83 Points 2018

The Raid on Entebbe stands as one of the great military feats of all time. Then there’s 7 Days in Entebbe, which stumbles along as a just OK recreation of that legendary event. Leftist in orientation, this Jeff Skoll production1 tells a full story about the communist kidnappers and their radi…

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