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More Than a Game
Really Great 83 Points 2008

Ain’t no better basketball movie than this boys-to-men documentary about LeBron James and his brothers-in-hoops. Even better, More Than a Game can be enjoyed equally well by non-basketball fans because it’s also a brilliant and touching portrait of half a dozen contemporary African-American mal…

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WikChip Image A man leads his team of boys into man...
Great 69 Points 1986

Second chances define Hoosiers as much as basketball, even though the movie is widely considered the greatest hoops movie ever. Hell, some have declared it the greatest sports movie ever.

Thus non-sports fans needn’t shy away, as basketball is a backdrop to a terrific story about a middle-a…

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WikChip Image Hopper & Hackman look for redemption.
He Got Game
Great 66 Points 1998

Spike Lee’s He Got Game serves as an elegy for basketball in America – its cultural transcendence, but also the avariciousness at the upper reaches of the hoops industry. The movie trawls through agents, leeches, homeboys and groupies on the make, each hoping to ride a prime-time player to Eas…

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WikChip Image Reel Hoop Stars in Real Life
White Men Can't...
Great 83 Points 1992

Ron Shelton made White Men Can’t Jump after Bull Durham and before Tin Cup. His sequence of great sports movies is thus baseball, basketball, golf. This middle one – his hoops hit – nailed the J with its title, even if the rest veers from perfection.

White Men Can’t Jump was welcom…

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WikChip Image They've Got Game.
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Uncle Drew
Great 66 Points 2018

Uncle Drew has great timing, both when it hit theaters and how it rolls its comedy. It premiered on-time and on-target: three weeks after the NBA playoffs concluded, just as my basketball jones started to kick in. Plus, it’s populated with proven NBA superstars, including Shaquille O’Neal, Amer…

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Coach Carter
Very Good 90 Points 2005

Inspiring tale of an inner-city high school basketball coach who went the distance for his players.

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Glory Road
Very Good 66 Points 2006

A fine basketball movie, elevated to true inspiration given that it is about a transcendent moment in American race relations: the first all black team to compete for – and win – the NCAA championship.

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The Dream Team
Very Good 66 Points 2012

USA Basketball will likely romp to a gold medal in the 2012 Olympics. But even LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant, Chris Paul and Russell Westbrook can’t hold a candle to the original Dream Team. “A majestic team,” observed Chuck Daly, their coach.

Michael Jordan – just peaking as a glo…

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WikChip Image The Cover That Christened Them
Hoop Dreams
Very Good 17 Points 1994

5 years in the lives of two inner-city Chicago Boys (William Gates and Arthur Agee), who live, breathe, and dream basketball. You could see it in their faces, for example when Arthur gets his ear-to-ear grin when he met Isaiah Thomas during his first practice at St. Joseph’s. Where Hoop Dreams …

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Good 85 Points 2008

Semi-Funny. Worth seeing if you like basketball, Will Ferrell silliness, and/or 1970’s nostalgia.

Essentially an extended SNL skit with big screen production values, Semi-Pro proves again that the Willster has perfected the art of mining his capacious id for extended comic benefit. While…

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