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Thomas Jefferson
Perfect 66 Points 1997

Ken Burns’ Thomas Jefferson: Those two names linked by an apostrophe should be ample inducement for Americans to view this two-part documentary. We may not read like we once did, but absorbing history via captivating video works well for the iPad generation. Fortunately, our exceptional Ameri…

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Shine a Light
Perfect 83 Points 2008

Part cultural artifact, part rock-n-roll circus, Scorsese’s film elegantly captures the ageless wonder of the Rolling Stones. Pop sensations for half a century now, Mick, Keith and their mates still possess the power to make young girls wild with desire, one of many truths revealed by the movie’s…

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Really Great 86 Points 2012

A fine, fine movie, Lincoln delivers an outstanding history lesson centered on an iconic performance for the ages. With it, Stephen Spielberg continues his own ascent into the American pantheon, while Daniel Day-Lewis creates his single most memorable role.

The movie focuses on a great legi…

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WikChip Image Mrs. Lincoln & her Husband at the show
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X-Men: Days of ...
Really Great 83 Points 2014

Count it, X-Men deliver again. Does Marvel ever fail? Notwithstanding several major cooks in the kitchen of this particular production and the ugly problems surrounding one of them, X-Men: Days of Future Past is yet another first rate blockbuster originating from the X-Men solar system within…

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WikChip Image The JLaw Mystique: Fanboys Rejoice
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Really Great 66 Points 2014

The Arab Spring comes alive in Tyrant, the most politically important TV series to come along in – well – a long time. Palace intrigue swirls around the fictional Al Fayeed family, tyrannical rulers of the fictional Arab country Abbudin. Their prodigal son returns from Los Angeles in the prem…

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WikChip Image The Sopranos have got nothing on them
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The Kennedys
Great 66 Points 2011

The Kennedys no longer occupy the white-hot center of American consciousness, as they did in the Sixties. The Kennedys, a high quality docudrama, reminds us why they held that position nearly thru the Nineties. Ultimate 1%ers, they looked, acted and misbehaved like royalty, yet became beloved…

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WikChip Image Katie's Jackie mourning JFK or her ma...
Great 66 Points 2013

So big it came down to YES or NO. A national referendum on authoritarian rule, YES or NO?

NO won, a shock to Chile, many Latinos and the world. Turns out that pop was the way to nail the weasel. The weasel was General Augusto Pinochet, the strongman who had fixed the economy but crushed diss…

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London Has Fallen
Great 83 Points 2016

London Has Fallen is a distinct improvement over Olympus Has Fallen, making it a 1st-rate action movie. The sequel improves the original by having a plausible villain, albeit amidst an equally implausible story. Throw in several well-earned laughs – amid the carnage – and you’ve got a helluva…

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WikChip Video How They Made It
Great 66 Points 2008

Funny and sad in equal measures, this brilliant movie brings to life the media event that put a postscript on one of the saddest chapters in American history.

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The American Pr...
Very Good 66 Points 1995

The American President succeeds grandly as a romantic comedy and ironically as a revealing peek into cushy Democratic pieties, of which Aaron Sorkin and Rob Reiner’s 1990s movie is a cinematic catechism.

It focuses on a likeable man in the third year of his Presidency who is animated primari…

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