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Star Trek Beyond
Perfect 83 Points 2016
Bestest. Star Trek. Ever.

Star Trek Beyond never loses touch with all that made Star Trek great from its earliest incarnation, yet uses 2016 movie magic to create an Enterprise and assorted 23rd century tech-gear better than ever before.

Plus it plays the iconic opening notes of the a…

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WikChip Video "At least I won't die alone..." - Bones
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Star Trek Into ...
Really Great 83 Points 2013
Best. Star Trek. Ever.

Some may grade it Perfect, understandably so. Me, I grade Star Trek Into Darkness a tick above its Great predecessor – Really Great and the best Star Trek ever.

If J.J. Abrams sees fit to include the perfect Star Trek theme music before the closing credits of h…

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WikChip Image Spock in the volcano
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Wayne's World
Really Great 66 Points 1992

The original Wayne’s World was and is a great movie. It’s been repeated and overexposed since, coming on top of originating as a popular SNL sketch featuring Wayne and his even funnier friend Garth Algar. Fortunately it recaptures more than a little of its power when you’ve been away from it…

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Mission: Imposs...
Really Great 83 Points 2015

Best. Mission: Impossible. Ever.

Please Mr. Cruise, can we have another? Rogue Nation succeeds spectacularly well from the opening credits till the closing line, the very iconification of extremely entertaining action-movie hyper-reality.

This fifth M:I movie is the first to envelope …

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WikChip Image Great Casting: CIA Chief Alec Baldwin
Dark Shadows
Great 83 Points 2012

There’s lots to sink your teeth into – lots to like and chew over – in the reimagining of Dark Shadows. Camp-classic TV soap opera, it stands up to eccentric genius Tim Burton’s silver screen amplification.
Who cares that the LOLs are a bit strained.

Chortles count as laughs and *Dark Shad…

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WikChip Image Supernatural Sex: Was it good for you?
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Star Trek II: T...
Great 66 Points 1982

Now this is a movie, boldly going where few TV sequels had gone before.

It’s got a strong cast, really great visuals and really great movie music that caresses the iconic starship Enterprise without lingering too long, unlike the failed first Trek movie, which lingered way too long.

*The …

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WikChip Image Ricardo Montalban's Khan pumped to go
The Naked Gun
Great 66 Points 1988

Still LOL funny after all these years, The Naked Gun’s inspired lunacy retains its comedic potency.

Leslie Nielsen’s obtuse police detective played off a rogue’s gallery of evil archetypes, from the Ayatollah and other 1988 Axis of Evil bastards, to a local crime lord, earning legendary stat…

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The Man from U....
Great 17 Points 2015

Loved the 1960’s Italian Immersion that surrounded this traditional spy tale. Add to that some cool-handed dry humor and you’re good for some consistent LOLs, even if the aesthetics were a little over done. I’m predicting a sequel, and yes, I’ll go.

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Mission: Imposs...
Very Good 83 Points 2018

Fallout continues Tom Cruise’s ongoing Mission: Impossible to deliver spectacularly entertaining blockbuster entertainment in the face of spectacularly lofty blockbuster expectations. Notwithstanding 56 years on God’s green earth, King Cruise is potent as ever in his sixth turn as super spy E…

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WikChip Video So much fun, so many spoilers
Speed Racer
Very Good 100 Points 2008

Get in touch with your inner ten year old boy to enjoy this movie. Those of us who were boys during the heyday of the Speed Racer cartoon series find this relatively easy. Having boys or tomboys in tow should also work. Everyone else, picture a virtual No Girls or Grownups sign during the …

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WikChip Image Christina Ricci as Trixie: Go Speed R...
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