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Wristcutters: A...
Really Great 16 Points 2006

The whole point of suicide is supposed to be an escape out of the misery that life can pile up on you. However, what if suicide really wasn’t a way out of anything? What if after committing suicide not only did your existence continue but it led you to a more depressing world void of anything a…

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Son of Rambow
Really Great 24 Points 2007

This movie was a delight to watch. An whimsical journey in to the lives of two young boys. Will, the product of an austere mother and religion and Lee, a mischevious troublemaker band together to make a movie – which is a product of Will’s amazing imagination and Lee’s industriousness. This stor…

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The 40 Year Old...
Great 18 Points 2005
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Sex and the City
Great 10 Points 1998

HBO is a factory of hit TV shows like Six Feet Under, The Wire, True Blood and Sex and the City. Yes, I’ve come to the conclusion… that I love this show. Is it the ridiculous ways these characters act? The over-exaggerated way these characters view life? Is it the cheesy acting? It’s all of the…

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Benny And Joon
Great 25 Points 1993

A quirky delight of a film that follows Benny and his care of his mentally ill sister Joon. Who is Joon’s perfect match? Well certainly the eccentric Sam. The movie cleverly intertwines the lives of Benny, Joon, their friends, and newfound acquaintances in to a witty tale that will surely enterta…

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It's All Gone P...
Great 29 Points 2004

This playful romp of a movie follows the trials and tribulations of Pete Tong, a maniacal DJ who loses his hearing. Watch what happens when the boozing, coke-snorting, womanizing Pete discovers that he can no longer hear well enough to mix tunes. With his world crashing down around him, can Pete …

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Tromeo & Juliet
Very Good 16 Points 1996

William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet is one of the most well known stories of the English language. There have been countless versions of the original play to try to make it innovative and different. Well if nothing else Tromeo and Juliet definitely gets the award for being the most different…

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Twin Town
Very Good 1 Points 1997

Quirky crime drama that although is certainly watchable, never really has anything to say about it’s desperate characters.

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Very Good 24 Points 2007

To Jenna (Russell), baking is an art and pie is her favorite canvas. She uses precision and care into each step. Jenna works at a local pie shop where she waitresses and makes the pies. There are nearly 30 regular flavors not to mention that she invents a new flavor and makes it every day. Jenna…

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Be Kind Rewind
Very Good 20 Points 2008

Be Kind Rewind takes great actors and puts them in an amateur setting to center itself around us; the fans. Even though, having to remake all of the big budget films in Be Kind Rewind, is done by mistake, it spurs a realization of purpose, pride, and passion. The bottom line is they end up having…

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