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Chitty Chitty B...
Perfect 5 Points 1968

Dick Van Dyke at his best! Though my favorite of his is still Mary Poppins, I really love this movie. Its about a inventor with two young children and he has not yet made a invention that would sell. He has a great imagination. He buys Chitty (a car) for his children, then mets Truly Scrumptious…

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The Little Mermaid
Perfect 2 Points 1989

MY NUMBER TWO!! Another one of my top ten favorite movies of all time. If I were separate my favorite movies into two lists, live action and animated, this movie would be number one on my animated list. The beautiful and bitter-sweet story of a mermaid who longs to be free from the sea and be …

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A Bug's Life
Perfect 2 Points 1998

Another really funny, great Pixar movie.

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The Lizzie McGu...
Perfect 1 Points 2003
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Lemony Snicket'...
Perfect 4 Points 2004

One of those movies where watching it twice does not detract from your enjoyment of it. Both for children and adults, it has become one of my top 5 favourite movies. Almost a magical movie.

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Perfect 14 Points 2005

Hilarious, fun, entertaining, wow, stellar, great, “I like to move it move it!”

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Wallace And Gromit
Perfect 1 Points 2005

A well acted (voice) movie full of silliness that still manages to give a good lesson on the power of friendship. Also one of the few Oscar winning movies that isn’t full of itself and boring.

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Surf's Up
Perfect 1 Points 2007
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Ice Age: The Me...
Perfect 1 Points 2006
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Firehouse Dog
Perfect 3 Points 2007

This film might probably out rate all the other animal movies. It was good because it had a good storyline, great acting, it wasn’t just a boy and dog story either. Maybe apart from one stunt in the movie might’ve been far fetch, but the rest was pretty good. A movie worth to watch for the whole …

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  • Wick – I agree Cinemaman. My favorite from the past few ye...
  • cinemaman – I wish they would make more movies with dogs in them...