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The Man Who Sho...
Perfect 66 Points 1962

Greatest Western? The Man Who Shot Liberty Valence is certainly in the running, given how it plays with Wild West myth-making, features three iconic stars along with a passel of great costars and wields a humdinger of an ending. “Nothing’s too good for the man who shot Liberty Valance,” the l…

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WikChip Image Who's the man? You're the man.
On the Basis of...
Perfect 17 Points 2018

An inspiring story about the legendary Ruth Bader Ginsberg (RBG). This should be required watching for anyone interested in civics and law and by anyone who wants to understand the passion for what is right.

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Witness for the...
Really Great 66 Points 1957

Starched and stilted, Witness for the Prosecution nonetheless packs one hell of a punch at the end, with glorious detail throughout and a powerhouse cast who are the complete masters of their juicy roles. Nevermind that its theatrical roots show. Agatha Christie knew how to write for max view…

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WikChip Image Wilder angle: Dietrich looks up at Power
Intolerable Cru...
Really Great 83 Points 2003

I’d turned up my nose at the Coen Brothers’ Intolerable Cruelty: too brightly lit, too obvious, too fake. Bad call on my part back in the day — Intolerable Cruelty is a really great movie.

Too fake it’s not. Instead it’s wonderfully glib. Gorgeous too.

Gorgeous George Clooney paired…

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WikChip Video Are you nuts? Have you forgotten Kirs...
Young Mr. Lincoln
Great 66 Points 1939

Young Mr. Lincoln happily Hollywoodizes our future greatest President. It’s a funny and frequently illuminating movie. Young Henry Fonda played upstanding young men especially well, while John Ford remains one of Hollywood’s greatest directors, with Young Mr. Lincoln in the second tier of his…

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WikChip Video SPOILER: Don't mess with Abe.
Woman in Gold
Great 69 Points 2015

Woman in Gold glitters with performances that are charismatic and affecting, a story that’s fascinating and true, and a happy ending that delivers emotional closure. In short, it’s a small treasure of a movie.

Helen Mirren stars as Maria Altmann, whose aunt was the model for the painting "Wo…

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WikChip Image Klimt's Woman in Gold: Aunt Adele
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Great 66 Points 2017

The American hero who almost single-handedly defeated institutional racism personified his unique first name. Lots of Marshalls, just one Thurgood, which is why Marshall is a poor title for this stirring biopic. OTOH, Thurgood sounds like a thoroughly good historical drama about Thurgood Mars…

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The Judge
Very Good 83 Points 2014

Halfway through this crowd-pleasing movie, a senior citizen in the row behind us blurted out “This is a very good movie.” He’s right, albeit his exclamation is more telling than intended, as it conveys The Judge’s appeal to middle-agers of Robert Downey Jr’s generation and especially to those o…

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WikChip Image The Moviestars Are The Thing.
Very Good 66 Points 2013

Snitch is a damn good movie unfairly dinged because it hews closer to reality than most action thrillers. It’s a solid fatherhood movie, trucker movie and desperate-man-doing-desperate-things movie. Plus it’s got a charismatic star, even if he’s too boffo for his role.

That would be Dwayne…

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WikChip Image Aren't you The Rock? No man, not me.
Molly's Game
Very Good 66 Points 2017

Molly’s Game contains large doses of glamorous sin, sans sex, even though the women are all super sexy. The lack of sex, consensual or #MeToo, makes this R-rated flick rather tame as sexy movies go. That said, Jessica Chastain surely got good money to gamely play the sexy and intrepid Molly Blo…

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WikChip Video Glamorous Sin, Sans Sex