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The Social Network
Perfect 103 Points 2010

Old media trumps new in The Social Network, in which dirty-sexy-money fuels a splendid drama about the elitists behind Facebook’s insanely great success. Boy billionaire Mark Zuckerberg, his erstwhile Harvard cronies and business Svengali come vividly to life under the direction of sordid mast…

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WikChip Video Nerdy business, sleek & salacious? Yep.
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Who Killed the ...
Perfect 24 Points 2006

Really well done documentary about the birth and death of the electric car. Done in a “Who Done It?” fashion, this movie is actually quite scary in an “Are you serious?” type way. (I just used two quotation-sayings in the same sentence lol). Definitely watch it.

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Pirates of Sili...
Great 78 Points 1999

Surprisingly strong biopic of Steve Jobs & Bill Gates, circa late 90s, when Gates was the more prominent of the two. Now that the legend of Jobs has eclipsed that of Gates, the story has new resonance.

The movie portrays each entrepreneur’s unsavory sides, especially that of Jobs, who is show…

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WikChip Image Looks like Jobs. Acts like Jobs. Isn'...
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  • Wick – Godspeed Steve Jobs.
Great 83 Points 2011

The slang for corporate recruiter once connoted a frisson of danger. Then “Headhunter” lost its edge. Headhunters returns it and then some. An insanely funny thriller, it rivals fellow Scandinavian noir classic Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

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WikChip Image This doesn't end well.
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Cedar Rapids
Great 83 Points 2011

Cedar Rapids keeps its ambitions in check and easily exceeds them. A gut-bustingly funny story about Ed Helms’ rural Cheesehead taking his first airplane trip to the Gotham of the title, it needn’t venture far from home to harvest a bumper crop of universally identifiable storylines.

Did I …

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WikChip Image Funny to the last credit.
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Dinner for Schm...
Great 90 Points 2010

Steve Carell channels Jerry Lewis in this very funny comedy of manners. Mean on its face, it’s also cloyingly sweet on occasion, yet its mostly unerring humor slays all objections. Indeed the LOLs are never more than a few minutes away, especially when the “idiots” get untracked.

Yes "idiots…

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WikChip Video Perfect Delivery: "Is it your back?"
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Margin Call
Great 83 Points 2011

Wall Street gets stripped bare in this brilliantly depressing takedown of überleveraged trading houses, what used to be known as Investment Banks. An acting tour de force about the fall of a Lehman-like firm, Margin Call plays like a Wall Street Glengarry Glen Ross

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WikChip Image Stanley Tucci's dissed risk manager
Great 95 Points 2011

Brad Pitt hits a triple with Moneyball and then unexpectedly steals home. His Billy Beane strides through the National Pastime like a corporate buccaneer – smart, swaggering, fun – before receiving a surprising comeuppance from his daughter, a child of divorce. Together the personal and profe…

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WikChip Image Brad Pitt swaggers standing still.
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The Founder
Great 83 Points 2016

The Founder is about the creation of McDonalds, if not necessarily about the founders of McDonalds. Those would be the McDonald brothers, not Ray Kroc, the salesman who turned their creation into a world-changing commercial juggernaut. Michael Keaton dominates this movie, just as Kroc did the M…

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WikChip Video Backstory of The Founder
Flash of Genius
Very Good 83 Points 2008

Flash of Genius is an involving and interesting, albeit frustrating, biopic of a guy who succeeds at invention, fails at business and craters at life. It’s well recommended for those interested in cars and/or entrepreneurs, and for fans of Greg Kinnear.

Being a successful inventor wasn’t en…

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WikChip Image Kearns through a windshield doggedly
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