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A Hard Day's Night
Perfect 68 Points 1964

The pop art perfection of A Hard Day’s Night captures the greatest band ever in their greatest movie. They’d make other movies and more transcendent music, but Richard Lester’s revolutionary film first revealed the Beatles to be as smart as they were sexy. And they were super sexy. Mockumenta…

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WikChip Image John plays with Patty Boyd and Pru Bury
Shine a Light
Perfect 83 Points 2008

Part cultural artifact, part rock-n-roll circus, Scorsese’s film elegantly captures the ageless wonder of the Rolling Stones. Pop sensations for half a century now, Mick, Keith and their mates still possess the power to make young girls wild with desire, one of many truths revealed by the movie’s…

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Standing in the...
Perfect 66 Points 2002

Motown rocks ‘cause of the Funk Brothers: snare rhythms, funky bass, tasty guitar, everything percussive, all from the band behind Smokey and Marvin and Diana and Stevie. Need I say more? Didn’t think so.

Let’s get it on. The movie informs us right up front that the Funk Brothers "played on …

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Let's Spend the...
Perfect 66 Points 1983

The world’s greatest rock & roll band – at the peak of their powers – glimmers brightly in Hal Ashby’s awkwardly titled movie documenting their massive 1981 stadium tour. Promoting a just released Tattoo You, the 25 song set draws six tracks from that kickass album, along with three from the u…

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WikChip Video Start Me Up as virginal stadium anthem
The Last Waltz
Perfect 66 Points 1978

Turn it up! I’d done just that right before an opening title card instructed “This film should be played loud!” You don’t say. Clapton, Van Morrison, Dylan, Muddy Waters, Neil Young, the Band: Of course turn it up.

The Last Waltz has been lauded as a landmark concert film since it appeared i…

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WikChip Video There is a song of dream comfort.
Dangerous Liaisons
Really Great 67 Points 1988

Five big-names starring in “the best period film”1 make Steven Frears’ Dangerous Liaisons really great. Frears, he of The Queen, employs Michelle Pfeiffer, Glen Close, a nubile Uma Thurmond and a horny John Malkovich in bringing Christopher Hampton’s …

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WikChip Image They are impressive. The cast, that is.
The Rolling Sto...
Really Great 66 Points 2012

Charlie is My Darling is the dangerous younger brother to A Hard Day’s Night. Beatles ‘64. Stones ‘65.

Mercy, Mercy was more than a Rolling Stones song in 1965. It was what they wanted from their ravenous fans, a besotted mob of hormonally charged teens. Beatlemania had nothing on the…

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WikChip Video The Stones drive the Irish lasses crazy
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Amazing Grace
Really Great 66 Points 2018

Aretha Franklin was never even that close to being one of my favorite singers. There, I’ve said it.
Diana Ross, Nina Simone & Mavis Staples all found more favor with me than did the Queen of Soul.

That’s now changed. I…

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WikChip Video The most sought-after concert film? Yes!
Quadrophenia - ...
Great 66 Points 2012

The complete story of Quadrophenia is essential viewing for Quadropheniacs. You know who you are.

Pete Townshend takes us on an hour-plus tour through his magnum opus, the greatest of rock operas, followed by twenty minutes of Quadrophenia concert outtakes from the decades. Felt complete to …

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WikChip Video Daltrey & Townshend talk Quad in July...
This Is It
Great 78 Points 2009

Michael Jackson – like Elvis – left the building at a shockingly young age, inadvertently bestowing this rehearsal documentary to posterity. It’s quite the confection, demonstrating the singular brilliance of an otherworldly showbiz creature while leaving us wanting more.

The movie makes clea…

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WikChip Video This - in long form - Is It.
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