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The Fabulous Ba...
Perfect 66 Points 1989

LOL funny, bracingly cool, drop-dead gorgeous – The Fabulous Baker Boys scores across the board, a retro treat of romantic heat, musical standards and moviestar glamour.

Its glamour begins when Jeff Bridges dons a tux after a one-night-stand, and spikes when Michelle Pfeiffer arrives in the …

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A Simple Plan
Perfect 66 Points 1998

The slippery slope of crime reached a peak cinematic representation in A Simple Plan. An ill-gotten gain sets the plot in motion, after which the movie follows an exquisite slide into further felonious excitations. This scratches several erogenous zones for lovers of crime cinema. We so enjoy…

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Love & Mercy
Perfect 66 Points 2015

Love & Mercy is as much the story of one man’s mental illness as the story of his treasured musical genius. The man is Brian Wilson, the illness is schizoaffective disorder and the music is that of The Beach Boys. The movie is perfect, as inspired as a uniquely inspired Beach Boys song. _Good, …

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Really Great 83 Points 2012

Heard of the Bondurant School of Driving? Lawless is the Bondurant school of bootlegging, V8 Fords careening along dirt roads included. Indeed, the story of a legendary family of moonshiners from Western Virginia – the Bondurants – gets a monumental telling in this powerfully assured and ente…

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Punch-Drunk Love
Really Great 66 Points 2002

At first blush, Punch-Drunk Love presents as merely a high-toned Adam Sandler movie. But hold on Sandler haters, this movie is celebrated by people who wouldn’t be caught dead watching Happy Gilmore. Why? Because it’s a great Hollywood romance, a symp…

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King of the Hill
Really Great 66 Points 1993

King of the Hill is a real life Little Rascals, what with pipsqueak brothers living alone during the Great Depression. Amazingly, it’s the truthy autobiography of A.E. Hotchner, Paul Newman’s pal and business partner. Even if fictional, it would still charm and enlighten, as it’s a perfect fi…

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A River Runs Th...
Really Great 83 Points 1992

Male bonding, tragic beauty and fly fishing merge into one – and exceptional writing runs through it. With apologies to Norman Maclean, that takeoff from his lauded autobiographical novella describes this treasured movie of the same name. Beautifully constructed by director and narrator Robert …

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Really Great 83 Points 2014

Channing Tatum’s tortured performance as Olympic gold medal-winning wrestler Mark Schultz anchors Foxcatcher. Mark Ruffalo and Steve Carell orbit above him as Dave Schultz, his older brother and fellow Olympic gold medal-winning wrestler, and John du Pont, the crazy rich guy who murdered one of…

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Jurassic World
Really Great 83 Points 2015

Dinosaurs rule the summer 2015 multiplex some twenty years after they first conquered the silver screen. Fact is, no one leaves un-entertained after experiencing Jurassic World, in 3D or not. No wonder then that it’s the biggest movie ever, or at least is off to the biggest opening ever, on its…

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Game Night
Really Great 83 Points 2018

If the Seinfeld crew returned in 2018 and were into game night with friends, Game Night would be their movie. It’s that funny, that deadpan, that banal yet brilliant. How so? One terrifically executed comedic setpiece after another, from the meet-cute opening montage all the way to the comicall…

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