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Perfect 77 Points 2009

TFB, tremendously entertaining, provocatively insightful, plus it’s got a good beat and you can dance to it: TV gets no better than Glee. The pilot begs the same question from me as from every other critic: Can they keep this up? ‘Cause they’re cruising at a very high level right from the out…

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WikChip Image Don't Stop Believin'
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Fast Times At R...
Perfect 1 Points 1982
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Sing Street
Perfect 83 Points 2016

Sing Street is a perfect rock-n-roll movie, set around a band who defies authority, gets popular and wins The Girl. She’s played by Lucy Boynton, who makes an indelible first impression – ruby lips half-parted, cigarette hanging out one side. She turns out to have a tough situation herself, add…

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WikChip Video Pitch Perfect 80s Music
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Animal House
Perfect 66 Points 1978

Animal House is many things: riotously funny movie, cultural touchstone, seminal hard-R teen comedy. Those make it a font of archetypes and catchphrases, including Bluto (“Seven years of college down the drain.”), Neidermeyer (“A Pledge Pin!”), Dean Wormer (“DOUBLE SECRET PROBATION!”), Flounde…

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WikChip Video "He can't do that to our pledges!"
King of the Hill
Really Great 66 Points 1993

King of the Hill is a real life Little Rascals, what with pipsqueak brothers living alone during the Great Depression. Amazingly it’s the truthy autobiography of A.E. Hotchner, Paul Newman’s pal and business partner. Even if fictional, it would still charm and enlighten, as it’s a perfect fil…

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WikChip Video Charming and Enlightening
The School of Rock
Really Great 66 Points 2003

Cute kids turn into real rockers under Jack Black’s masterful tutelage in this classic movie about classic rock. Still funny the third time through, School of Rock charms, tickles and – most importantly – rocks.

In the classic words of The School of Rock’s nutty professor – "It’s a toast to…

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WikChip Image Rock & Metal connect to Punk & Grunge
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Win Win
Really Great 88 Points 2011

Win Win has become such a cliche, yet is anything but in the entirely winning movie of that title. Cleverly mining today’s uneven economy, the uneasy equality of modern marriages, the unjust world of neglected kids, and not least, the under-appreciated sport of high school wrestling, Win Win

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WikChip Video Who says meaningful auteur cinema is ...
Peggy Sue Got M...
Really Great 66 Points 1986

Some hamminess and a novelty title slightly sully Francis Ford Coppola’s sexy-sweet Sixties comedy. Otherwise, it’s a lock for most likely to succeed – LOL, saucy, smart, sophisticated and star-powered.

A brilliant high school movie, told looking backwards, its conceit is to send Kathleen Tu…

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WikChip Video Star Power: Turner, Cage, Carrey, Allen
More Than a Game
Really Great 83 Points 2008

Ain’t no better basketball movie than this boys-to-men documentary about LeBron James and his brothers-in-hoops. Even better, More Than a Game can be enjoyed equally well by non-basketball fans because it’s also a brilliant and touching portrait of half a dozen contemporary African-American mal…

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WikChip Image A man leads his team of boys into man...
Really Great 158 Points 2007

Fresh, funny, snarky, and quick as a whip, Juno is bound to become a cult classic, funnier the more times you watch it. Along with Superbad and Knocked Up, Juno defines a new era in youth comedies: movies that …

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