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Hotel Mumbai
Great 66 Points 2019

The 2008 Mumbai attacks were of 9/11 savagery and comprehensiveness, yet have faded from Western consciousness. Hotel Mumbai recreates them with stunning alacrity, moving quickly from the Islamist terrorists coming ashore in rubber boats to starting to shoot-up train stations, restaurants and e…

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WikChip Video A Measure of Justice
Great 83 Points 2019

“The bitch is back” in this rockstar revenge pic. Rockumentary in spirit and phantasmagoric in production, Rocketman is a largely satisfying dip in the deep well of Elton John’s bottomless self-regard.

Studded with bits of fantasy, Rocketman is more Across the Universe

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Good 17 Points 2019

I really liked Mads Mikkelsen as an aging ace assassin finds out he is being hunted. Watch the cool-handed but bloody mayhem as his hunters wished they never knew him.

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Extremely Wicke...
Great 17 Points 2019

The title is how the Florida judge (well played by John Malkovich) described Bundy’s actions. This movie, from the perspective of his long term girlfriend. Zac Effron is appropriately seedy looking and he kept me glued to the movie to see what happened next.

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Fighting with M...
Very Good 17 Points 2019

Wrestling rocker family life in England. With Lena Headey, Vince Vaughn and the Rock ? Yup, all of it odd, but loads of WWE fun as we follow girl-fighter (Saraya Knight) and her brother

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Good 17 Points 2019

Quirky feel-good movie about a high-EQ but naïve brother who makes the world a better place for friends and lost family. A little cheesy, but it accomplishes it’s feel good mission

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Once Upon a Tim...
Perfect 66 Points 2019

Hollywood loves Hollywood, always has and still does, especially Quentin Tarantino, local boy made good. He has outdone himself with Once Upon a Time … in Hollywood, which is quite simply Peak Tarantino.

It’s literally AND figuratively about Once Upon a Time in Hollywood: true crime even…

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WikChip Video Easter Eggs Revealed
Blinded by the ...
Very Good 66 Points 2019

Bruce Springsteen songs drive Blinded by the Light, a helluva good concept, well played. That said, the film itself is somewhat cloying, more fanzine than Rolling Stone, albeit elevated by the Boss’s oeuvre.

The movie does a great job with some Springsteen songs, projecting the lyrics on wal…

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WikChip Video Cast & creators talk about Bruce
The Peanut Butt...
Really Great 66 Points 2019

One of the best movies of 2019 suffers from a terrible title of four words that don’t normally go together. People tend to ignore movies this poorly titled. Pity. This movie’s greatness starts with its plot: a Down’s guy goes out on the lam, buddies up with a hard-bitten fisherman, rafts a river,…

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WikChip Video Modern Family with Shia, Dakota & Zach
Ad Astra
Really Great 66 Points 2019

Brad Pitt has his own great astronaut movie now, as every one of today’s great moviestars must.1 Ad Astra is a stately space epic, albeit punctuated with an atomic blast and more than a few death-defying set pieces. Most impressively, James Gray’s instant classic reinforces our conception of …

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WikChip Video The opening shots aren't in the movie.