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Aleksandr Nevskiy
None Yet 0 Points 1938
Doctor Zhivago
Great 66 Points 1965

A spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down. The sugar: a terrific love story. The medicine: the wanton cruelty and dehumanization endemic to the nascent Soviet Union. Director David Lean – King of the Epics – reunited with Omar Sharif and several essential crew members from "Lawrence of Ar…

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WikChip Video They don't make 'em like they used to.
Love and Death
Great 66 Points 1975

Love and Death made me a Woody Allen fan, a film so funny, so smart, a film like I’d never seen before. Being but 15 at the time, how could it be otherwise. One of Woody’s great comedies, Love and Death remains pleasantly absurd, if no longer bellylaugh funny, yet still unspools a plethora o…

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National Geogra...
Very Good 66 Points 1997

The forests of Eastern Siberia look like the woods of North America. And yet they are radically different, being the home of wild Siberian tigers, the biggest of big cats. This brief NatGeo documentary gets up close and personal with these magnificent creatures, an awe inspiring experience for …

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Russian Dolls
Very Good 66 Points 2005

Goodbye Barcelona. Russian Dolls sends the Euro dudes and dudettes from The Spanish Apartment to London, Paris and St. Petersburg, with a side trip for clubbing in Moscow. Fairly steady sexual tension and plenty of mildly amusing romantic hijinks make it an entertaining trip, one that’s set…

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WikChip Image A lesbian becomes a dude's best friend
Good 83 Points 2007

Contemporary thriller-on-a-train, ultimately gripping though it takes a while to get there, not unlike an interesting train trip. Woody Harrelson and Ben Kingsley bring star power to writer-director Brad Anderson’s well constructed movie, though the script and secondary characters are also first…

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The Last Station
Really Great 83 Points 2009

Celebrity, genius, marital complexity and misguided idealism collide in this loose recreation of Leo Tolstoy’s last year on earth. A resplendent movie – Helen Mirren’s performance and costumes alone are worth the price of admission – The Last Station doesn’t require the viewer to know that Cou…

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WikChip Image Sofya seduced her husband time & again.
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Great 83 Points 2010

Angelina Jolie does everything but introduce herself as Salt, Evelyn Salt in this geopolitical ultra-action thriller. Possessing the suave savoir-faire associated with Bond, James Bond, her Salt is the kind of old-school secret agent that trades in glamour as much as grit. Put it this way: …

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WikChip Image Mata Hari: Angelina Jolie as Evelyn Salt
The Way Back
Good 29 Points 2011

A dramatic survival story amidst panoramic and equally dramatic scenery. The Way Back tells a tale of several men who escape the brutality of a Siberian gulag in the early 40’s to trudge their way through vast expanses of differing landscapes: a fierce Siberian winter, forests, tundra, desert,…

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Mission: Imposs...
Good 83 Points 2011

Your mission, should you choose to accept it: Pay $15 for an IMAX sequel that spurns the music and conventions that defined Mission Impossible in the first place and that fails to induce vertigo, IMAX or no. Doesn’t seem a worthwhile value in these recessionary times.

MI – GP is a good movi…

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WikChip Image Famous nose meets self-destructing fone
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