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Rambo: Last Blood
Great 66 Points

Has there ever been a better franchise star than Sylvester Stallone? His multi-sequel characters – Rocky, Rambo, and Barney of The Expendables – have become treasured cinematic friends over the decades. The second one has his story brought to a well-…

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WikChip Video Spare Western vibe & samurai elements
Crouching Tiger...
Really Great 5 Points

Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon is not a martial arts movie, it is a love story, an epic. It reflects upon many types of love. The quiet nature of mature love, the passion and intensity of youthful love. It is a broad sweeping movie that is profound and profoundly beautiful.

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Aleksandr Nevskiy
None Yet 0 Points 1938
Twelve O'Clock ...
None Yet 0 Points 1949
Captain Horatio...
None Yet 0 Points 1951
Beat the Devil
None Yet 0 Points 1953
The Desert Rats
None Yet 0 Points 1953
Shichinin no sa...
None Yet 0 Points 1954
Seven Samurai
None Yet 0 Points 1954
Great 66 Points 1959

More than just the chariot race, Ben-Hur virtually defines big screen epic. At three and a half hours, it’s a lot of movie, full of bravura performances, grand visuals, and tasteful religious symbolism. One of only three movies to win 11 Oscars,1 it deserves the acclaim that accompanies the…

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WikChip Image Ben-Hur: This, in widescreen Technico...