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None Yet Points 1968
DeepStar Six
None Yet Points 1989
Dick Tracy
None Yet Points 1990
Gone in 60 Seconds
None Yet Points 1974
The Quest
None Yet 0 Points 1996

The movie was a great movie of my childhood its about a young boy who discovers somthing strange in a pound in a gully.

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  • barn – I've been trying to find out what this film is for y...
The Warrior's Way
None Yet 0 Points 2010
Tango And Cash
None Yet Points 1989
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  • Wick – AMC, why the long face? You judged T&C as Great, so...
The Terminator
None Yet Points 1984
RoboCop 3
None Yet Points 1993
Batman And Robin
Awful 9 Points 1997

Not only was this the death of the Batman movies, but the death of the comic book movie, as well. This and Batman Forever belong on one of those “worst films of all time” list. Its all tilted camera shots, one liners, and close ups. I heard Anthony Hopkins was supposed to play Freeze but didn’t g…

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