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The Pixar Story
None Yet 0 Points 2007
Cars 2
None Yet 0 Points 2011
Monsters Inc
None Yet 0 Points 2001
Monsters Univer...
None Yet 0 Points 2013
The Incredibles
None Yet 0 Points 2004
None Yet 0 Points 2012
Finding Nemo
None Yet 0 Points 2003
A Bug's Life
Perfect 2 Points 1998

Another really funny, great Pixar movie.

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Toy Story
Perfect 2 Points 1995

Toy story is a film that anyone who has had a childhood, should love. We all had the idea of our Toys coming to life when we are not around. The film perfects every premise of a cgi film, it has Everything, alot of comedy, emotional scenes, Characters you actually care for and even intense action…

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WikChip Video toy story trailer.
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Toy Story 2
Perfect 2 Points 1999

Toy Story 2 is Perfect, but in my opinion, it is not as enjoyable as the first movie for nostalgic reasons, Toy story 2 gets everything right, Hillarious, Moving and A great sequel.

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WikChip Video toy story 2 trailer.