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Wild Parrots o...
Great 71 Points 2003

Sweet San Francisco – eccentric and accepting – takes wing in Judy Irving and Mark Bittner’s Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill.

Telegraph Hill – as anyone who’s been there knows – is a wild nubbin overlooking Alcatraz. Fits that it would host a flock of jail-broke cherry-heads with a couple o…

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WikChip Video Sweet San Francisco Takes Wing
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$5 a Day
Good 83 Points 2008

A smalltime con artist reconnects with his reluctant son as they scam their way cross-country in $5 a Day. The whole thing has an understated lunacy to it that evokes a bygone era.
Indeed, it feels like an old-time movie set in the Rap Era.

$5 a Day has three main assets: classic Christo…

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WikChip Image Ageless Stone: charisma & sex appeal
Really Great 17 Points 2015

This extremely well written and intense movie highlights the tension in pre-Bloody Sunday 1971 Northern Ireland by plopping an abandoned young and scared British soldier in the streets of Belfast. The Hatred of the townies for anything British was thick as a den of thieves and danger was around…

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'85: The Greate...
Good 17 Points 2016

The ‘85 Chicago Bears – “The greatest team in football history” is highlighted through interviews with the players, coach Ditka, and notable fans including Barack Obama and Bill Murray, In 80 – they had to build a canopy to protect the team from beer cans until Ditka started the turnaround. Th…

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'Allo 'Allo!
None Yet 0 Points 1982
'Crocodile' Dun...
None Yet 0 Points 1988
'G' Men
None Yet 0 Points 1935
'Gator Bait
None Yet 0 Points 1974