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Die Hard
Perfect 1 Points 1988

Die Hard is about 12 terrorist who seizes a Japanese owned High Rise building on the eve of Christmas and takes hostage of everyone at the Christmas party. A police officer who was invited to the Christmas party by his wife, who’s also a hostage, manages to escape and has to figure out a way to t…

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The Dirty Dozen
Perfect 22 Points 1967

Best cast ever. Best men on a mission war movie ever.

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Dog Day Afternoon
Perfect 13 Points 1975
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Edward Scissorh...
Perfect 77 Points 1990

Tim Burton’s magical mélange of Frankenstein, suburban farce and teen romance alchemized into a landmark movie. Sweet when you think it’s gonna be scary, sharp where it could have gone sappy, deliciously satiric all the way through, it’s a garden of cinematic delights.

Johnny Depp’s Edward i…

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WikChip Video Sharp, Sweet & Satiric = Satisfying C...
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Enemy Mine
Perfect 2 Points 1985

An incredible film, Lou Gossett Jr as the alien is great, Dennis Quaid plays off him very well
a great example of give and take by two highly under rated actors.
A must watch for young actors looking for scene study

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Perfect 13 Points 1977
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Evil Dead II
Perfect 2 Points 1987

This movie is great, it is a horror comedy of the best quality. There is cheese just dripping from this movie and the way they make it work within this horror spoof is just terrific.

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Fast Times At R...
Perfect 1 Points 1982
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The Godfather: ...
Perfect 13 Points 1974

This or the original is my favourite of all time. I cried at the end.

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Gone with the Wind
Perfect 71 Points 1939

Gone with the Wind has something for everyone, and a lot of it over almost four hours. History, passion, racial controversy: Male or female, war movie or romance fan, this movie demands that you give a damn. Oh yeah, that famous line of Rhett Butler’s – “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn.”…

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