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Great 93 Points 2011

Martin Scorsese does a kid’s movie, delivering a film history lesson wrapped in a Parisian postcard. Glorious visuals, affecting performances and deft filmmaking flourishes make it a treat for kids of all ages.

The fable of Hugo Cabret imagines an orphan boy who lives in the walls of a stor…

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Great 17 Points 2015

George Clooney is great as the grown up little boy in this swirling 1950’s childhood invoking adventure. Cool gadgetry Retro-Sci-Fi, and Disney drama; Just overlook the not so subtle liberal environmental forewarnings, and focus on some really great acting by Clooney, Britt Robertson, and Raffey …

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Inside Out
Great 83 Points 2015

Inside Out is an intellectual high-wire act that’s cute, affecting and funny, a degree of blockbuster difficulty only Pixar would attempt. Yet the Emeryville hit factory succeeds magnificently, as they almost always do.

Pixar legend Pete Doctor & stalwart Ronnie del Carmen turn cognitive the…

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The Jungle Book
Great 17 Points 2016

Now that my kids are grown, I don’t see many Disney movies, never mind re-makes of classics. In this case, I’m glad I decided to heed my whimsical choice. The Jungle Book was really well done, and John Favreau’s use of famous actors’ voices was spectacular. My favorite? Christopher Walkin as Kin…

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Great 83 Points 1988

A rare kid’s comedy that also succeeds at the adult level, Big is truly a movie for the whole family. Well, for everyone from teens on up, as the adult elements include F-bombs and heavy titillation.

The kids-of-all-ages comedy comes from a 13 year old who is magically transformed into a 32…

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Sky High
Great 83 Points 2005

Sharp satire, winning performances and terrific visuals make Sky High a treat for we grownups, and high schoolers too. Turns out this treat doesn’t get stale, as revisiting it a dozen years after its premiere proved.

First of all, Sky High is a Kurt Russell movie. Disney’s greatest male le…

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Captain Marvel
Great 83 Points 2019

So much fun! Captain Marvel is yet another marvelous Marvel movie. You can doubt investing political import in a superhero movie, but never doubt Marvel. The House that Stan Built launches three marvelous movies a year, been doing so for over ten years, ever since Robert Downey Jr. declared "…

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Secondhand Lions
Very Good 66 Points 2003

Great-uncles lead to great adventure for a boy in need of a loving home. Some have put down this movie as sentimental and bland, but I found it wry and satisfying. Especially for boys and men, the resonance runs deep. Come to think of it, it would be the perfect movie to watch on Father’s Day,…

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Finding Neverland
Very Good 66 Points 2004

The man who wrote Peter Pan meets the brothers who inspired the story in Finding Neverland. He also meets their mother, played by the fetching Kate Winslet. Julie Christie plays her mother and Radha Mitchell plays his wife, as terrific a trio of top actresses as you’re likely to find.


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WikChip Image Boy Who Never Grew Up
My Big Fat Gree...
Good 66 Points 2002

A Miss Lonelyhearts gets her fantasy fulfilled, delivers an appealing ethnic story and is genuinely funny. That winning combo makes Nia Vardalos’ Big Fat Greek Wedding a smart, family-friendly comedy.

Greek-American, Italian-American, Jewish-American, Albanian-American, we all bob around in…

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