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Beauty and the ...
None Yet 0 Points 2017
Finding Nemo
None Yet 0 Points 2003
Fantastic Beast...
None Yet 0 Points 2021
None Yet 0 Points 2019
Great 17 Points 2015

George Clooney is great as the grown up little boy in this swirling 1950’s childhood invoking adventure. Cool gadgetry Retro-Sci-Fi, and Disney drama; Just overlook the not so subtle liberal environmental forewarnings, and focus on some really great acting by Clooney, Britt Robertson, and Raffey …

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Good 17 Points 2015

Its tough to get a good read on this retelling of the classic tale. I can best describe it as the ‘Mad Max’ of Peter Pan re-telling’s, but I’m not sure eveyone will get that comparison. Suffice it to say its capitalizes on the well known story but adds great special effects and modern twists and…

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The Jungle Book
Great 17 Points 2016

Now that my kids are grown, I don’t see many Disney movies, never mind re-makes of classics. In this case, I’m glad I decided to heed my whimsical choice. The Jungle Book was really well done, and John Favreau’s use of famous actors’ voices was spectacular. My favorite? Christopher Walkin as Kin…

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The Secret Life...
OK 17 Points 2016

Animated , cute, apparently a family favorite according to other ratings sites, but I thought it was Meh – mostly because they violated the golden rule of kids movies – including some subtle humor for the parents.

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My Big Fat Gree...
Good 66 Points 2002

A Miss Lonelyhearts gets her fantasy fulfilled, delivers an appealing ethnic story and is genuinely funny. That winning combo makes Nia Vardalos’ Big Fat Greek Wedding a smart, family-friendly comedy.

Greek-American, Italian-American, Jewish-American, Albanian-American, we all bob around in…

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WikChip Image Poppa Portokalos: Room 222 long behind
Saving Mr. Banks
Really Great 66 Points 2013

Mary Poppins has a fascinating and affecting backstory. Who knew. Yet it’s not a surprise when you think about it. Then, how much have we thought about Mary Poppins? Deeply that is. We’ve watched it, each of us, first as kids, loving it like no other movie. It’s the perfect kid’s movie afte…

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