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The Rolling Sto...
Really Great 66 Points 2012

Charlie is My Darling is the dangerous younger brother to A Hard Day’s Night. Beatles ‘64. Stones ‘65.

Mercy, Mercy was more than a Rolling Stones song in 1965. It was what they wanted from their ravenous fans, a besotted mob of hormonally charged teens. Beatlemania had nothing on the…

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WikChip Video The Stones drive the Irish lasses crazy
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Really Great 66 Points 2013

Locke is an extremely understated title for a totally gripping movie about an extremely understated guy. Ivan Locke spends the whole movie driving away from home and from his life. iDrive Away or Distracted Driving or iPhone Home would give a better sense of the tightly-wound existentia…

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WikChip Image Problems? He's got a few.
Really Great 83 Points 2014

Nightcrawler is L.A.′s Taxi Driver, with Jake Gyllenhaal’s morally vacuous street prowler supplanting Robert DeNiro’s demented urban loner. Dan Gilroy’s movie delivers a freakish amount of cinematic energy, exposing the nightmares of Los Angeles in particular, and our Eyewitness News societ…

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WikChip Image Humanity? Hell no, keep filming.
Really Great 83 Points 2018

Behold the best movie of the year. Alpha leads the pack literally and figuratively. Vividly realistic if surreal sequences of life in Europe 20,000 years ago cradle a family love story and one of the best dog stories ever.

What’s not to love?

The most intense opening scene of an action-ad…

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WikChip Video The first hour of the movie in 2½ min...
Easy Rider
Great 5 Points 1969

Felt like the times. Great soundtrack. Sparse plot. Great acting – I think.

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Safety Not Guar...
Great 83 Points 2012

Safety not guaranteed, but viewing pleasure is assured from this endearing romcom. It features a smart story about a Miss Lonelyheart falling in love with an apparently crazy time-traveler she’s researching for an exposé. His crazy but real (crazy-real?) scenario meshes well with today’s über-…

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WikChip Image "If it were so certain, I wouldn't be...
Premium Rush
Great 83 Points 2012

Premium Rush deserves to be a huge hit. Aptly titled, it delivers as declared. A premium rush it is.
Smart, sexy, thrilling, powerful, fresh and original, it’s an instant classic and a first rate crowd-pleaser.

It’s also the best smartphone movie yet, even if the app-tivity mostly happens…

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WikChip Image JGL & Dania Ramirez: Hot biker couple
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True Grit
Great 100 Points 2010

Darker and more realistic than the 1969 original featuring John Wayne, this 21st Century retelling of a classic Wild West retribution story succeeds in almost every respect — often funny, richly evocative, shockingly brutal, cleverly revisionist. That last comes from the clear hero – a 14 year …

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WikChip Image Tall in the Saddle: Hailee Steinfeld
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Seven Psychopaths
Great 66 Points 2012

Seven psychopaths, a Shih Tzu and an alcoholic screenwriter add up to a damn funny movie. Each psycho gets featured in a short within the larger movie, then gets additional screen-time based on how immediately expendable they are. As with horror-comedies, most are introduced just to get enterta…

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WikChip Image Walken's zenfully weird psycho
Great 83 Points 1979

Quadrophenia stands on its own from Quadrophenia, the Who’s great rock opera from whence it sprang. For starters, the movie’s considerable spoken dialog means it’s not an opera. And while many of the album’s songs are used, not all are and they’re augmented by a few created for the movie.

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WikChip Image Riding up in front of a hundred faces...
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