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Special Forces
Good 17 Points 2011

This French film follows a tried-and-true theme: Tough military commandos make the big rescue. In this case the rescue of a very pretty French journalist who is inexplicably running around in Afghanistan only to be captured by a crazed Taliban leader. Films like this rarely have to have a stor…

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Rock the Kasbah
Good 17 Points 2015

A fun little jaunt to Afghanistan by the quirky Bill Murray. Even with his increasingly old and grizzled demeanor, he continues to pull off that special brand of snarky humor, even if it is a bit more subdued than in days of old. And speaking of subdued, don’t blink or you might miss Bruce Will…

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OK 66 Points 2015

Max’s trailer promised more than the movie delivers. The story of a military dog who aides a teen’s coming-of-age, it pulls heartstrings and warms the heart in equal measure, especially for those of us with a soft-spot for the US military and dogs alike. That’s me, which is why I fell hard for …

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WikChip Video The trailer's better than the movie.
Seal Team 6: Th...
Pretty Bad 17 Points 2012

The movie is an interesting ‘pat ourselves on the back’ action film focusing on the team that got “Geronimo”. Unfortunately, it was pretty badly done, from the lackluster acting, to the haphazard story buildup. The best part was the action sequences of the raid itself, but even that was s…

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