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By Trust Created Summary Acting Film Edge Reality
TRUST WEIGHTED Really Great Perfect Perfect Tame Supernatural
AVERAGE Really Great Really Great Really Great Tame Fantasy
Perfect 5.0

A high flying bird-of-paradise, this brilliant movie enters the Pixar pantheon by delivering equal measures of LOL come…

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Perfect 5.0

Ed Asner and newcomer Jordan Nagai perfectly capture the odd couple at the center of the movie. Asner's a past master …

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Perfect 5.0

Intended for children of all ages, the film initially focuses on Carl and Ellie, a couple of crazy kids who meet cute

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Tame 1.1
Surreal 2.7

The movie's Paradise Falls are based on a UN World Heritage site in Venezuela, described in the Bay Area Science articl…

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Really Great 4.5

Just a joy to watch. Grips your emotions and appeals to your basic sense of humor. The perfect family film.

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Really Great 4.5

All of the characters were well thought out. None of them fell prey to the extreme personifications that too often plag…

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Perfect 5.0

I couldn't image a better done animated film. I forgot it was animated about a 3rd of the way in. Not because it was re…

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Tame 1.0
Fantasy 4.5
Great 4.0

A truly wonderful film, "Up" brings its audiences to both laughter and tears, calms them and fills them with suspense. …

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Perfect 5.0

The voiceover artists were great — the voices were perfect for the characters they were associated with.

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Really Great 4.5
Tame 1.5
Fantasy 5.0

A house that floats to South America supported by balloons. Fantasy to the utmost.

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