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modern marvel's Review

Created Apr 25, 2008 01:08PM PST • Edited Apr 25, 2008 01:08PM PST

  1. Quality
  2. Perfect 5.0

    There are many movies that can be considered “horror/comedy”. Most of them focus on the horror foremost and include the comedy as a means of escape from tension. Shaun of the Dead may be the first in “comedy/horror”, flipping it on its ear and creating a horror movie with genuine scares and violence, yet wrapped in a soft blanket of some of the most original and creative comedy in years. this film is a parody of horror done in the greatest way possible- by being an homage instead of a spoof. This film does not make fun of horror, it embraces its intricacies with affection.

  3. Really Great 4.5

    The acting in this film is top notch, as is the case with any of the movies from this group of actors. Simon Pegg is tremendous as Shaun, rbinging a sort of strength yet weakness into every frame that makes him real. His partner in crime, Nick Frost as Ed, steals every scene as the hilarious sidekick. Kate Ashfield plays Shaun’s girlfriend perfectly, being vulnerable and yet headstrong enough to keep Shaun in line despite his veering off of course with Ed. The rest of the cast is perfectly cast, and there is a real chemistry between all of them that shows and makes every scene really shine.

  4. Male Stars Perfect 5.0

    Once again, this movie’s namesake and every frame belong to Simon Pegg as Shaun. From the opening moments of him speaking to Liz about the problems of their relationship to the sleepwalking stupor of his morning routine, from his first time killing one of the undead to the moment where he contemplates the end of it all, Pegg is brilliant in his portrayal of the average guy turned reluctant hero. On the flip side, Nick Frost plays bumbling yet loyal sidekick Ed so perfectly that you’d swear he is a bumbling sidekick in real life (he did play the same type of role in hot fuzz). Pegg and Nick Frost are genius together and play off of each other remarkably.

  5. Female Stars Really Great 4.5

    The principal female cast member, and the only one that i would consider to be a genuine star of the film, is Kate Ashfield as Liz. The first time you see her, she is taking the stronger position in a discussion about the relationship she has with Shaun. Later on you see her defending him with reason, further showing how she is a stronger person than she lets on. Her role in many other hands would have been completely thankless, but Ashfield played it well and she is remembered as much as the rest of the cast.

  6. Female Costars Really Great 4.5

    The female costars are well suited to their roles. Lucy Davis plays the role of Dianne, the struggling actor, very well. She has a likability partially due to her being a bit on the flighty side in the film, but also because she gives a genuine performance that brings her character to life. She feels like a part of the real world, not just another form of comic relief. Shaun’s mom, Nicola Cunningham, is also perfectly cast. Her role is once again one that could be thankless if not for the performance. She plays shaun’s mom is being in a slight state of denial, as if she is in her own world about the goings on. In many other hands that would not work, but with her acting, it works perfectly.

  7. Male Costars Perfect 5.0

    The two main male costars are Bill Nighy and Dylan Moran. Moran plays David, the bookish man who is seeing Dianne but may or may not have had a long standing crush on Liz. He does not harbor hatred for Shaun, he is simply a thorn in Shaun’s side that seems to either continually win or become frustrated trying. Moran plays the role very well, as this kind of role is suited for him. bill Nighy always overtakes whatever role he is given, which is the case with his role as Shaun’s stepdad Philip. there isn’t much to say about the role other than that it really stands out as being another great performance by Nighy.

  8. Really Great 4.5

    Everything about this film is done top notch. the cast is perfectly done, the acting is amazing, the screenplay is a comic masterpiece, the direction is crisp and looks effortless despite being very highly choreographed, and the production is great. I’m not sure of the budget, but whatever it may be I am sure that they surpassed expectations. This film will startle you by how well done it really is.

  9. Direction Perfect 5.0

    Edgar Wright is definitely a director to watch out for. Shaun of the Dead is very well directed from the first frame, oozing with originality and filmmaking knowhow, Wright is an honestly tremendous filmmaker that will surely receive more work in the future. His work in Shaun of the Dead is more than simply comedy direction, as it fills the frame with references to other films, homages, and creative angles and methods that truly leave the viewer in awe.

  10. Play Perfect 5.0

    Written by Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright, the director and star of the movie respectively, it is obvious that they were going to be able to perform their duties aptly. the dialogue is original and creative, with in-jokes abounding and hilarious (not to mention in some cases horrific) set pieces arriving with perfect timing. The movie breezes by much faster than its 95 minutes would suggest, due in no small part to the creativity of the script. you’ll be finding new jokes almost every time you watch.

  11. Music Really Great 4.5

    The music is another part of the movie that really works. the usage of the song “don’t stop me now” by Queen during a battle scene with a zombie is inspired and hilarious, while the use of familiar if original works of music sets to make the mood of the scene jump out at you. One of the best running gags of the movie involves the jukebox being on random, and that works out with creative musical choices in more than one scene.

  12. Visuals Perfect 5.0

    The visual treats of this film are many. Beginning with Wright’s direction, there is always something happening on the screen worth looking at. from there the makeup is very well done, making each and every zombie look and act completely different. there is a unique quality to the visuals, but that stems from the idea that isn’t strictly a horror movie, but a “rom-zom-com”…which is how they advertise it.

  13. Content
  14. Sordid 3.0

    There is a moderate amount of edge to this movie, being that it is a British comedy about killing the undead. the language is nothing to laugh about (well, it is actually) due to some of the language being used. there numerous curse words brewing from the lips of the characters, but it is all done in a classy way. The violence, on the other hand, is quite harsh. You see blood, killing, maiming, and some nasty wounds. not for the very squeamish.

  15. Sex Titillating 1.6

    There is little to no sex in this movie, and there are barely implications of a sexual nature in this movie either. the closest we ever get is some references here and there to people in the movie, and none of them are principal cast.

  16. Violence Savage 4.0

    This is a violent film. In fact, I’m not sure I’ve seen a zombie film that hasn’t been violent. The comedy of this film does nothing to take away from the violence seen throughout. there is a scene in particular where one of the main cast is ripped in half to gruesome detail. Blood flows, wounds appear, people die, necks are bitten, etc. Death, destruction, and mayhem ensue much like in any other zombie film, and for that the horror community is thankful.

  17. Rudeness Profane 3.5

    the language is the main thing to worry about when it comes to rudeness. from the opening frames, you hear a plethora of cursing and odd bits of rude and crude dialogue. This progressively gets worse as the movie continues. Then there is the elements a zombie movie, which is the killing and blood and guts. there is little remorse or cutaways in this, which is great for a horror fan but too much for some viewers.

  18. Supernatural 3.7

    This is surely not a realistic film. There are very few horror films that are, as a matter of fact. the more realistic elements of this movie stem from the characters and how realistically they are portrayed. Shaun, Ed, Liz, Dianne, David, Mary, and Philip feel like real people, and the outlandishness of the situation is the fake part of the film. From a physical standpoint, and by that I mean the bodily harm, that is done realistically, but in a slight fantastical manner. To sum up, this movie is a fantasy movie, but done with enough of a real world perspective to not feel completely unreal.

  19. Circumstantial Supernatural 4.0
  20. Biological Supernatural 4.0
  21. Physical Supernatural 3.2


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Nov 6, 2009 7:25PM

Thnx, JP. Yeah, I love this movie. Its easily in my top 5 favorite movies. My Dad, being born in England, introduced me to a lot of British Pop culture, from the Clash to the Guy Ritchie movies lol.